Shopping on Tortola

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On Tortola, you'll find the best shopping to be on Main Street in Road Town.  As you stroll down the street, you'll notice shops filled with goods imported from Europe as well as those made locally, and you'll be able to choose which options will make for the best souvenirs – if not both.

While it is unfortunate that there are duty taxes in the British Virgin Islands, many goods are imported from Europe tax free, which helps to keep the prices on luxury goods down.  This is why high-end clothing, jewelry, and house wares can be good buys here.  

At the center of Road Town is where you'll find Crafts Alive, an open air market which features everything from Caribbean dolls and straw hats to the cheap (and sometimes tacky) mass produced souvenirs that everyone knows and loves.

As a general rule, you'll find store hours to be 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  

Specialty Shops

One of the area's interesting specialty retailers is Blue Water Divers. This store is located in Nanny Cay, Tortola. The daily dives are decided with the help of the divers themselves, taking into account skill level and the sites that participants are yearning to see. If you have questions and want to call before making reservations, do so at (284) 494-2847.

Another good option is We Be Divin, which is located 1.9 mi. (3.1 km) away from Blue Water Divers. The only dive operator in town, they specialize in rendezvous diving and small private trips. Each guest will be greeted by friendly staff when they walk in the door. If you'd like to call before booking a room, you can do so at (284) 494-4320.

Tortola Surf Camp: This is a unique and organized surf camp. Six visitors are welcome at a time, coming together for amazing experiences daily. You can contact them at (866) 421-9283.

Glance through this table to read more about specialty shops that can be found in this area.

Specialty Shops On Tortola
Name Type Phone Location
Blossom's Florist Florist (284) 494-3906 Downtown Road Town
Blue Water Divers Dive Shop (284) 494-2847 1.9 mi. South West of Downtown Road Town
Tortola Surf Camp Surfing Gear Store (866) 421-9283 Eastern part of Tortola
We Be Divin Dive Shop (284) 494-4320 Downtown Road Town

Clothing and Apparel

Looking for clothing? You might want to try Kenny Tees -- it's situated in downtown Road Town. When you just aren't finding the right souvenir t-shirt for you, stop into Kenny Tees. Here, they can embroider or print whatever image, design, or slogan you want on any of your clothing items and even some other souvenir items for a low price. If you want to call ahead of time, you can do so at (284) 494-6527.

A second option is Pusser's Road Town Company Store -- which is located a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer) from Kenny Tees. The Pusser's Company store's center around the sailing and Caribbean lifestyle, and all their products tend to relate one way or another to this. From pastel color shirts and Bermuda Shorts, and to sailing jackets, the items are both comfortable and stylish. For customers who want to call in advance, you can do so at (284) 494-2467.

The table right below offers some details regarding the apparel shops located on Tortola.

Clothing and Apparel On Tortola
Name Type Phone Location
Bolo's Department Store Department Store (284) 494-2867 Downtown Road Town
Caribbean Department Store Department Store (284) 494-3627 Downtown Road Town
J & C Department Store Department Store (284) 494-3121 Downtown Road Town
Kenny Tees T-Shirt Shop (284) 494-6527 Downtown Road Town
People's Shoe Store Shoe Store (284) 494-6863 Downtown Road Town
Pusser's Road Town Company Store Boutique (284) 494-2467 Downtown Road Town
Said Departmentt Store Department Store (284) 494-2686 Downtown Road Town
Serendipity Boutique & Gift Shop Boutique (284) 494-5865 Downtown Road Town

Food and Grocery

Want to check out some local food offerings? Tico Wine & Spirit Merchants is found in downtown Road Town. More than a shop, Tico Wine & Spirit is a delivery service. If you can't get out to pick up he spirits for your next event, never fear. If you have questions, try calling them at (284) 494-2211.

Another possibility is Rite Way, which is found 0.6 mi. (1.0 km) from Tico Wine & Spirit Merchants. Stock up on all of your grocery needs as well as health and beauty, child care products, and alcohol with one of the island's leading supermarkets. They also offer provisioning. If you want to call ahead of time, do so at (284) 494-2997.

Supa Valu: A top grocer and provisioning service, Super Valu will help you stock up on all of your groceries and beverages without over charging. If you're looking for something specific, call them at (284) 494-3600.

View the table below for more information.

Food and Grocery Stores On Tortola
Name Type Phone Location
Bobby's Supermarket Grocery Store (284) 495-2140 Downtown Road Town
La Baguette Bakery & Pastry Shop Bakery (284) 494-5717 Downtown Road Town
Nature's Way Ltd / Nature's Nectar Organic / Health Food Store (284) 494-6393 Downtown Road Town
OneMart Superstore Grocery Store (284) 494-4649 0.7 mi. Northeast of Downtown Road Town
Rite Way Grocery Store (284) 494-2997 0.6 mi. Northeast of Downtown Road Town
Supa Valu Grocery Store (284) 494-3600 0.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Road Town
Tico Wine & Spirit Merchants Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (284) 494-2211 Downtown Road Town

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