Tortola Taxis

With set rates and numerous operators, traveling by taxi is easy on Tortola

Although not the most cost effective option for getting around Tortola on a regular basis, the availability of taxis on the island coupled with local regulations that keep drivers honest make hailing a cab on Tortola both easy and stress free.

Taxi Companies

Most tourists will take a cab at least once during their trip to Tortola due to a law that prevents rental car agencies from having branches in the airport. For this reason, it is typical for cab drivers to crowd the airport around known plane arrival times to pick up tourists in need of a ride to their hotel or to pick up their car rental.

Although most are vans rather than cars, overall taxis on Tortola do not have a standardized body style or color. Instead, you can recognize them by the letters “TX” on the license plate, and the dome light on the roof of the vehicle.

If you'd rather call for a taxi to be ready for you at a specific time and place, you may want to call any one of these local taxi agencies.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
AC's Taxi Service (284) 340-0550 Downtown Road Town
BVI United Taxi (284) 499-3607 Tortola
Island Magic (284) 495-3378 Tortola
Scato's Bus N Taxi Services (284) 296-7541 Fleming Street - Road Town
Scato's Bus and Taxi Services (284) 541-7541 Road Town
Waterfront Taxi Stand (284) 494-6362 Downtown Road Town
West End Taxi Association (284) 495-4934 West End Ferry Terminal - 6.1 mi. (9.9 km) West-Southwest of Road Town

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Instead of using meters and charging riders by the mile, taxis in the British Virgin Islands charge set fees regulated by the government that take into account the number of passengers in the vehicle and where they are going. Drivers will have a rate chart in the vehicle with them to let you know how much you'll be expected to pay, but it is still wise to confirm the price with your driver so you aren't caught off guard when you arrive at your destination.

There are a few extras that can affect your final cost as well. Children three and under ride free, while children between the ages of four and ten are half fare. If you're transporting a pet, you'll pay an extra $15(USD) per pet carrier, and you'll pay $1(USD) per bag if you have more than one piece of luggage to store in the trunk. If you have to make a stop, your driver will wait for you for 15 minutes at no additional charge, but you'll pay $10(USD) extra for each 15 minutes thereafter. Note also, that between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., rates go up by 30 percent.

If your driver seems to be pleasant and amiable, you may want to hire him to return at a later time and take you on a tour of the island. The drivers in the British Islands are trained to provide tours that last up to four hours long. Read the table below to determine what kind of fees are associated with taxi tours.

Tortola Taxi Tour Fee
Party Size1 Hour Tour2 Hour TourThree Hour TourFour Hour Tour
Single or Double Rider $55.00 (USD) $110.00 (USD) $165.00 (USD) $220.00 (USD)
Three Riders $70.00 (USD) $130.00 (USD) $190.00 (USD) $250.00 (USD)
Four Riders $85.00 (USD) $150.00 (USD) $215.00 (USD) $280.00 (USD)
Five Riders $100.00 (USD) $170.00 (USD) $240.00 (USD) $310.00 (USD)
Each Additional Rider $15.00 (USD) $20.00 (UDS) $25.00 (USD) $30.00 (USD)

While tipping is not something you are required to do when you take a cab on Tortola, if you feel your driver was particularly helpful and friendly, a token of appreciation in the form of an extra 15 percent is always welcome. If your driver has handled any of your luggage, you should also be sure to tip $1 to $2(USD) per bag.

While using taxis to get around the island can be costly, many tourists feel the price is worth the security of putting their transportation in the hands of someone who is knowledgeable about driving on the island. Others will only use taxi services sparsely, but having them available to tourists when they need them is a great convenience.


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