Treasure Beach Attractions

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Treasure Beach.  The name alone speaks volumes about what tourists have come to expect when they visit this hidden gem of a coastal community.  The beaches here are so outstanding that little else matters, and so, there isn't much else by way of attractions directly in town.  If you're one who likes to explore, rent a car or hook up with a tour group, because you'll have to make a shore trip to find landmarks and natural sites worth visiting. 


Treasure Beach

You will find several beaches to visit in and around the area. Snorkeling is an option at some of the beaches, if some of the people in your group enjoy this relaxing pastime. Just click on each beach name for more detail concerning that specific beach.

A nice beach with snorkeling is Treasure Beach. Gray and peppered with boats, this isn't a picturesque locale, but it may still be fun to beach comb. This beach also offers a view of the sunset over the water.

A second option for beach-goers to consider is Frenchman's Bay. Frenchman's Bay is located off Ocean View Hill Drive near Treasure Trove Cottage.

Billy Bay: The shore of Billy Bay feature white to grey sands that are speckled with rocks and shells. Larger rocks line the edge of the beach, and sometimes make an appearance under water.

Fortunately, you'll find a full range of beaches in and around the area. To navigate to our complete page about beaches, go to this article.

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Vacationers may explore some other worthwhile landmarks nearby.

If the nitty gritty aspects of living by the sea interest you, you might want to see Lover's Leap Lighthouse. The newest lighthouse on the island, this is actually the highest lighthouse in the western hemisphere. Tourists can hike to the spot and take in the structure as well as enjoy the view.

Miscellaneous Landmarks Near Treasure Beach
Name Type Location Island
Lover's Leap Lighthouse Lighthouse Yardley Chase, 7.0 mi. East of Central Treasure Beach Jamaica

Land Formations

Another idea is to visit some of the more popular area land formations. Other types of natural attractions in Treasure Beach are provided in the following table.

Land Formations In Treasure Beach
Name Type Location
Billy Bay Bay 1.8 mi. West-Northwest of Downtown Treasure Beach
Frenchmans Bay Bay 0.5 mi. South West of Downtown Treasure Beach
Pedro Bay Bay 1.8 mi. Southeast of Downtown Treasure Beach

Other Nearby Attractions

If you are willing to travel a bit further outside the Treasure Beach area, you will have a few more options, including some of the most popular attractions in Jamaica.

Appleton Estate Rum Distillery: You may have seen them in your local liquor store, and you will definitely see them here. Since 1749, Appleton Estate has been Jamaica's premier producer of fine rums. Today, they produce over 20 different varieties of rum that are sold world wide. If you decide to visit the distillery, you can purchase a tour where you will learn about the long history of rum in Jamaica, and get to see first hand how it is made today.

YS Falls: About a forty mile drive north from Treasure Beach, a trip to YS Falls is a full day adventure. More than for just relaxing at, this waterfall boasts zip-lines, rope swings, and wonderful hiking trails that you can walk to explore the jungle around. This waterfall truly has all the excitement of an amusement park while still maintaining its natural beauty.

Apple Valley Park: Just to the east of YS Falls, Apple Valley Park is an outdoor adventure. Centered around Lilly Pond, the park offers visitors the chance to kayak, swim, and explore in the natural beauty of Jamaica.

As you might be able to tell, Treasure Beach offers a more natural side of the island. If you wanted to see some of the more mainstream Jamaica, you will have to head into one of the cities. Negril is the closest major area; with a sixty mile drive west that should take a little less than two hours. If you head east instead, you'll come across Kingston in about two and a half hours, where you'll find plenty of attractions such as the Bob Marley Museum.

Whether you decide to stay in Treasure Beach or head over to a nearby city, attractions are available to anyone willing to look for them.


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