What's Near Taino Cove

Nearby Beaches

Treasure Beach

Among the most anticipated sites to visit in Jamaica are found along the coast. Nearby beaches will make this area particularly desirable.

Each of the access points along the coast of Jamaica have their own personalities; the specific amenities and qualities of each one could affect whether you'll come prepared for a party, or just an easy day of sun-bathing. All of the nearby shorelines in the following table have something unique to offer. Clicking on each link below allows you to learn more:

Beaches Near Taino Cove
Beach Distance Direction Location
Treasure Beach 1.0 ESE Treasure Beach
Frenchman's Bay 1.3 NW Downtown Treasure Beach
Billy Bay 3.0 NW 1.8 mi. West-Northwest of Treasure Beach
Starve Gut Bay 4.8 NW 3.6 mi. Northwest of Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach is probably the most convenient option to visit near the apartment building. Bear in mind that this beach is a moderate distance away, so your party won't have to go far to enjoy a beautiful shoreline. Gray and peppered with boats, this isn't a picturesque locale, but it may still be fun to beach comb. This beach also offers a view of the sunset over the water. Stay comfortable at here all day if you choose, since there are bathrooms available on-site.

If you're on the lookout for a stretch of sand that attracts very few tourists, Starve Gut Bay could be a better choice for you. This beach sits on Starve Guy Bay and is surrounded by interesting topography and cliffs. The sand is darker than the dazzling white sand found on the other side of the island but is soft and cool on your feet. You can find it just a fast taxi cab trip away.

Nearby Areas

Vacationers who'd like some more information about what is close by might like to know how far away the nearby town or city is from their location. Taino Cove is situated toward the southeastern outskirts of Treasure Beach.

The areas found closest to Taino Cove are listed below.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
downtown Treasure Beach 1.2 NW
St. Vincent 2.4 E
Newell 4.0 N
Watchwell 4.3 N
Big Woods 4.7 NE
Southfield 5.5 E
Munro 5.6 NE
Williamsfield 6.1 N
Yardley Chase 6.3 E
St. Marys 7.1 NE

Nearby Attractions

YS Falls

No matter if your perfect getaway includes thrilling beach activities or leisurely strolls through town, you can find plenty to see and do all across the area. Though there are not too many attractions within walking distance of the apartment building, there are some options, like Lover's Leap Lighthouse, which is one of the closest.

This option and more are detailed in the following table:

Attractions Near Taino Cove
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Lover's Leap Lighthouse Lighthouse 6.0 E Yardley Chase
Jamaica Fun Farm Museum 14.2 N E Lacovia
Fonthill Beach Park Park 17.6 NW 6.0 mi. West of Black River
Bloomfield Great House Historical Site 19.2 NE Mandeville
YS Falls Waterfall 20.1 N 8.6 mi. North of Black River
Apple Valley Park Park 20.0 N 10.8 mi. Northeast of Black River
Odeon Mandeville Movie Theater 19.7 NE Mandeville

If you're looking for somewhere interesting to go, Lover's Leap Lighthouse might be just right for you. The newest lighthouse on the island, this is actually the highest lighthouse in the western hemisphere. Tourists can hike to the spot and take in the structure as well as enjoy the view.

Nearby Accommodations

Finding details about nearby booking possibilities is sometimes a convenient way to get a feel for the area. Though there are only a handful of other resort and hotel options right around Taino Cove, its tranquil surroundings make it a nice option for travelers looking to find a peaceful destination. Learn more about all the surrounding area's hotel booking options by reviewing the table below.

Accommodations near Taino Cove
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Jake's Resort 1.0 NW Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Golden Sands Beach Cottage 1.2 NW Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Treasure Beach Hotel 1.4 NW Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Two Seasons Guest House 1.8 NW Treasure Beach, Jamaica

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