Transportation Options for Treasure Beach

You can sail right into the south coast fishing village of Treasure Beach

The sleepy fishing village of Treasure Beach attracts tourists who are looking for a slice of Jamaica's topography that is laid back, uncrowded, and peaceful. The transportation scene in Jamaica is so full of choices that likely the most hectic part of your vacation will be planning how to get there.

Getting There

The most popular means of traveling to Treasure Beach is to fly into one of two nearby airports, or to sail aboard a personal watercraft. It is also possible to take a Caribbean cruise and head for a relaxing day in this village from the cruise terminal in Montego Bay.

Getting Around

If you yearn to spend your time exploring more than just the beaches in Treasure Beach, it is helpful to know the options available to you with regards to getting around town. The most recommendable and reliable option is the local taxi system, although buses are available as an affordable option as well. A small portion of tourists will choose to rent a car, but the road conditions here will turn off many more.

Air Travel

Treasure Beach is almost halfway between two of Jamaica's major international airports: the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. Sangster International Airport, approximately 44 miles away from Treasure Beach, is the busier of the two, while Norman Manley International Airport, at 67 miles away, is operation 24 hours a day so you can book later flights if necessary. Whichever airport you choose, you shouldn't have trouble finding a flight in, as most commercial airlines offer daily flights from the United States, Canada, and Europe. For more information to help you decide where to fly into, click here.


Not everyone has the expertise to sail to Jamaica on their own, but that doesn't mean the possibility is out of reach. Though pricey, you can easily hire a yacht to take you from the east coast (typically from South Florida), with a crew or even just a skipper who can teach you the ropes as you go. When you arrive in Jamaican waters, you'll find the nearest port of entry to Treasure Beach is Port Kaiser just west in St. Elizabeth Parish. Once you've cleared customs, you can sail straight to Treasure Beach but be advised that there are no marinas here. For that you'll have to sail to Montego Bay or Kingston.


Jamaica is a very popular port of call for Caribbean cruises, and over two million people visit the island each year for on shore excursions, shopping, and more. There are four cruise ports on the island, however, none are very close to Treasure Beach. In fact, the closest is located in Montego Bay. While this is a fine distance away from the airport, the 44 mile drive takes about two hours, so it really isn't feasible for cruise passengers to make the journey.

Rental Cars

The cost of an average rental car in Treasure Beach ranges from $35 to $250(USD) a day, and there are so many rental agencies on the island that you are sure to find one that offers your desired vehicle and amenities. Call around, and while you're at it, ask if there are any deals or specials available. If you visit Treasure Beach in the summertime, you'll likely get a better price just because business is slow and they are hoping to entice travelers to rent with them. One thing you'll need to be aware of is that driving conditions on the island are poor, so come prepared to face hazardous roads and reckless local drives. Further details on driving and renting a car in Treasure Beach are available here.


There are two types of taxis available in Treasure Beach. One is called a route taxi which is similar to the public bus system in that it travels along one route and picks up anyone who needs a ride until the cab is full. The other is a charter taxi, which is the private-style cab you're probably used to hiring back home. Both have set rates and are fully insured for safety. Taxis are the most recommended form of transportation in Treasure Beach because it allows tourists to avoid driving on the unfamiliar roads. Look for more information about local taxis here.


Public transportation in Treasure Beach is sparse, but you may see a bus traveling down the road on occasion. These buses are not air conditioned and are usually packed, so it can be a unique experience. If you see a bus as you tour the area and want to catch a ride, raise your hand up like you're hailing a cab and the bus will stop to pick you up, even if you are not at a designated bus stop. The bus will carry on its way as you deposit your $1(USD) fee. Exact change and local currency is required. Buses here are not to be relied upon, but are for sure the least expensive option.

It is more common for tourists to take mini buses between Treasure Beach and other large cities on the island for a fare of between $1.50 and $2(USD) per 50 miles traveled.


No ferry services exist within a reasonable distance of Treasure Beach, however, if you plan to travel to Kingston or Port Antonio during any point of your vacation it will be helpful for you to know that each city has a ferry to take visitors to popular tourist attractions.

After going over all of your options, you'll see that the choice is really up to you. Whether your goal is to save the most money, or you're looking for the most convenient and fast option, you have plenty of transportation opportunities to choose from as you plan your trip to Treasure Beach.


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