Treasure Cay Transportation Options

Fly or sail directly to Treasure Cay, then decide how you'll get around

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It was only recently that Treasure Cay became a popular vacation destination, and now many tourists flock to the area for the new resort complex, an annual billfish tournament, and of course the beautiful beaches. Transportation is easy to come by here, making it one of the few places in the Abacos where you'll have to sort through a list of options before determining how you'll get around.

Getting There

Treasure Cay stands out because it is one of only two places in the Abacos that you can fly to directly or sail to, so tourists heading in this direction have more choices than those who will be staying elsewhere.

Getting Around

Although rental cars and taxis are available in Treasure Cay, most tourists stick to walking, hopping aboard shuttles provided by resorts and golf cart rentals. There are so many choices available here that you're sure to find transportation you feel comfortable with.

Air Travel

There is a small airport located on Treasure Cay, just 10 minutes from the center of the village. The majority of people who fly to Treasure Cay will fly from the United States, Canada, and Europe, make a connecting flight in the state of Florida, and finally land on the island on airlines such as American Airlines, and United Airlines. Others opt to fly into the Lynden Pindling International Airport on New Providence Island or Club Peace & Plenty on Grand Bahama, then connect to Treasure Cay with a domestic flight aboard Bahamasair.

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Treasure Cay is home to one of the best loved ports and marinas in the Abacos and even the Bahamas as a whole. There are 150 slips and a bevy of luxury amenities available to sailors who dock at the Treasure Cay Marina, and with a paid for permit you can sail around the islands for up to three months. Everything you need to know about sailing to Treasure Cay is available here.

Rental Cars gas station on the island...


Treasure Island is such a small destination that renting a car is not a necessity for most tourists. It is an option for those who really want to be in control of their own transportation. Rentals costs between $75 and $85(USD) a day, with local favorites being Triple J Car Rental and Cornish Car Rental. Take a look at this page for contact information. Note that you will need to have a driver's license from your country of origin and be over 25-years-old to rent a car here. It is also helpful to know that there is one gas station on the island, located about a half of a mile south of the rotary.


Taxis are another possibility for tourists staying on the island. Drivers, who are known for their friendly service, typically wait for passengers by the marina, so if you need a driver to pick you up elsewhere, it might be wise to give the taxi stand at the airport a call, rather than wait around and hope one turns up. The number is 242-365-8661. Fares are printed in the local paper every day, but you should always ask your driver before taking off.


The main ferry service that tourists staying on Treasure Cay should be aware of is the one between Treasure Cay and Green Turtle Cay. This ferry runs continually throughout the day, mostly with the intent of bring tourists who are staying on Green Turtle Cay to their final destination. A few other services operate throughout the Bahamas, though known of them make it to Treasure Cay regularly. Still, you can learn about them here if you plan on doing some island hopping.

There are a lot of choices to be made as you plan your trip to Treasure Cay. Having taken the time to review all of your options, you are now better prepared to get started on booking the vacation of a lifetime.


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