Best Accommodations for Dining on Trinidad

Hotels on Trinidad and Tobago Known for Great Dining

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For many travelers, eating the local food is a vital part of a great vacation experience. Trinidad and Tobago offers a diverse array of enjoyable dining opportunities, so you won't miss out on great Caribbean cooking. Restaurants on every corner serve meals that are prepared using local styles, but with their own flair.

The accommodations named below are excellent picks if having instant access to a world of dining options is important. Many of them are known for their wonderful on-site restaurants, while others are located in areas where restaurants near the property are popular and abundant.

Hotels on Trinidad and Tobago with the Best Dining

Travelers tend to eat more meals at their hotels than they planned to—especially after an exhausting day. So one of the important factors to consider when choosing a hotel on Trinidad and Tobago is the dining options offered at each property. Having meals at your hotel can save you time and sometimes money. The tempting, innovative menus are a bonus, which makes staying "in" for the night a deliciously enticing option.

The properties below are ranked based on their amenities and options, including quick service snack bars, room service, and of course their full service restaurants.

Properties on Trinidad and Tobago for Excellent Dining
Property Location Snack Bar Room Service
Melbourne Inn Trinidad Woodbrook check
Normandie St. Ann's check
Forty Winks Inn Downtown Port of Spain
Chancellor Hotel St. Ann's
Inn At 87 Downtown Port of Spain

Interested in one of the hotels you see? Just click its name to continue reading articles detailing every last aspect of the property — because after all, if you like the sound of their dining, what else is waiting to be explored?

Hotels on Trinidad and Tobago with the Best Nearby Dining

You might also want to consider the proximity of your hotel to local restaurants. No matter how much you may enjoy the food where you stay, you shouldn't exclude the possibility of trying restaurants around the neighborhood, particularly if you're vacationing for more than a few days.

Listed below are hotels chosen by how closely they're located to a big selection of local restaurants.

Best Properties on Trinidad and Tobago for Off-Site Dining
Property Location
Hotel Par May Las Inn Downtown Port of Spain
Ambassador Hotel Downtown Port of Spain
The Carlton Savannah Downtown Port of Spain
Monique's Maraval
Kapok Hotel Downtown Port of Spain

No matter where you stay, remember that a lot of Trinidad and Tobago's finest restaurants are found in hotels, so you may find the cuisine you are craving at the hotel down the street. Click on the name of any listed hotel and you'll be able to view facts and photos about the property, in addition to all the food-related amenities that matter to you.


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