Activities on Trinidad

Every vacationer can find something to interest them on Trinidad and Tobago

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A trip to Trinidad and Tobago means you can sleep in late, spend your days lounging on the beaches, and your nights partying and having fun. Or, you can wake up with the sun, hit the links, take in the sites, and make sure not a moment is wasted. It's all about what you want to do on your vacation, and there is plenty to do.


Trinidad Diving

There are several dive operators to choose from. To navigate to our complete guide to scuba diving in this area, visit this page.

Events and Festivals

As is true with spectator sports, the chances that an event or festival will occur during your trip to the islands is pretty great. The most popular festival of the year is Carnaval, which is celebrated throughout the Caribbean at different times. In Trinidad and Tobago the event takes place in February or March. Be sure to click here to read more.


Trinidad Fishing

Anglers will be pleased to know that every time of year is good time of year to get in a little fishing. Fishing tours are popular, or you can rent some fishing equipment at a tackle shop and cast a line at any beach.

Enjoy fishing? There are a couple of charter operators that operate in this area. For more information about fishing in the area follow this link.


St. Andrews Golf Club

Golfing is popular in this area, as suggested by the existence of 4 different golf courses. The area courses include St. Andrews Golf Club, Millennium Lakes Golf & Country Club, and Chaguaramas Golf Club. To get additional information concerning the course simply click on the name of the course. For a more comprehensive look at this specific topic, navigate to this article concerning golf courses throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Sailing and Boating

Trinidad Sailing and Boating

The table below lists some details concerning area firms that can enable you to get out on the open water.

Boating Opportunities On Trinidad
Name Type Phone Location Island
Trinidad Charters Boating and Day-Sailing Provider (868) 771-2461 6.7 mi. West of Central Port of Spain Trinidad

If you're interested in reading about charter operators and marinas visit this page.


The Trinidad Art Society

You won't want to leave Trinidad and Tobago without picking up a few souvenirs to bring home with you. This can be done at locally owned shops or street markets filled with handmade crafts and wares, or malls similar to those you are probably used to back home. Several places on Trinidad and Tobago allow for duty free shopping, including the Piarco International Airport, West Mall, Long Circular Mall, Excellent City Stores, Maraj and Sons, and Stechers.

If you have some avid shoppers traveling with you, they're not completely out of luck -- more than 90 retail stores are located in this area. Navigate to this article if you want to learn about shopping on Trinidad.


National Museum & Art Gallery

Sightseeing is another popular activity for visitors to Trinidad. The area's sights include 5 historic sites and various other attractions of interest to vacationers. If you enjoy nature, you can enjoy visiting the area's waterfalls, outdoor parks, and botanical gardens. You can go to this page about area sightseeing attractions if you're seeking more details.

Details concerning a firm that will help you get the most out of your sightseeing time can be seen here:

Sightseeing Services On Trinidad
Name Type Phone Location
A Willoughby's Travel Service Excursions and Sightseeing Service (868) 652-7747 San Fernando
Haygem Tours & Travel Service Ltd Excursions and Sightseeing Service (868) 622-4360 Woodbrook
Krystal Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (868) 674-5554 Port of Spain
Madoo Bird Tours Nature Tourism Service (868) 663-0458 4.9 mi. Southeast of Central the vicinity of Port of Spain
Princess Tours Travel and Tour Operators (868) 655-8875 Princes Town, Southern part of Trinidad
R & R Transport Tours & Rentals Travel and Tour Operators (868) 669-1335 Trinidad
Thomas Cook Representative Travel Service Travel and Tour Operators (868) 622-7664 Port of Spain
Travel Centre Ltd Travel and Tour Operators (868) 622-0112 1.6 mi. Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Travel House Travel and Tour Operators (868) 625-5863 Port of Spain
Travel Network Inc Ltd Travel and Tour Operators (868) 623-3651 Woodbrook
Trinidad & Tobago Sightseeing Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (868) 628-1051 St. James
Trinidad And Tobago Sight Seeing Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (868) 628-1051 The vicinity of Port of Spain
Winston Nanan-Nanan's Bird Sanctuary Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (868) 645-1305 The vicinity of Port of Spain
Zion Travels Ltd Travel and Tour Operators (868) 674-2375 Port of Spain


Trinidad Snorkeling

If you like the idea of going snorkeling you'll be pleased to know you'll have plenty of chances to do so in the waters off the coast of Trinidad. For more details about snorkeling, visit this article concerning snorkeling options.


L'Image Parfaite Day Spa

Going to a spa could be one of the most enjoyable parts of your entire vacation. Spa-goers will find plenty of options, since there are 7 spas located in this area. Those wanting to find more details about this topic can do so by clicking on this link.


If you are staying in a resort hotel, chances are they have a lap pool for your enjoyment. They may also have on hand other equipment for water sports, such as jet skiing, snorkeling, and even diving. If your hotel doesn't offer these perks, there are numerous dive shops at which you can purchase or rent equipment and even sign up for lessons and tours.

If you really intend to stay active during your vacation, there are a number of ways for you to do so. Locals certainly don't sit around inactive, as proven by the one gold and three bronze medals won by the country's athletes during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Hiking groups meet on weekend and holidays to tour natural sites, tennis courts and beach volleyball courts are located on many properties, as are gyms. There are also eight golf courses on Trinidad and Tobago, all in excellent standing.

You can be a spectator as well. Cricket, football, rugby, field hockey, volleyball, and golf are all popular sports to watch on the islands, and chances are one will be in season during your trip.


If you're a tennis player you might want to stay at a hotel that has a tennis court. However, we're only aware of one property in the area where you can play tennis.

Other Activities

The chart below enables you to learn some details regarding other activities.

Other Activities On Trinidad
Name Type Phone Location
Ato Bolden Stadium Sporting Event Venue (868) 225-4886 Green Turtle Cay, Central Trinidad
Caribbean Cinemas (Trincity 8) Movie Theater (868) 640-8788 3.2 mi. East-Southeast of Central St. Augustine
Central Athletic Club Fitness Centers and Instructors (868) 632-5872 The vicinity of Port of Spain, Northwestern part of Trinidad
Cyborgs Gym Fitness Centers and Instructors (868) 652-9463 San Fernando
Fatima College Sports Grounds Sporting Event Venue -- 1.7 mi. Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Fitness Center Ltd Fitness Centers and Instructors (868) 637-7765 Downtown Port of Spain
Funstation Amusement Arcade (868) 653-4386 1.6 mi. South of Central San Fernando
Galactica Family Entertainment Centre Amusement/Theme Park (868) 657-5148 San Fernando
Gulf View Health & Fitness Centre Fitness Centers and Instructors (868) 653-9833 San Fernando, Southern part of Trinidad
Hasley Crawford Stadium Sporting Event Venue 225-4886 ext. 112-113 1.7 mi. West-Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Himalaya Club Recreation Center (868) 638-4023 Port of Spain
Kay Donna Drive In Movie Theater -- 8.7 mi. East of Central Port of Spain
Kayak Centre Jet Ski Rental Service (868) 633-7871 Chaguaramas, Northwestern part of Trinidad
Larry Gomes Stadium Sporting Event Venue (868) 643-0437 1.5 mi. South of Central Arima
Lifestyle Fitness Centre Ltd Fitness Centers and Instructors (868) 627-2500 St. James
Little Carib Theatre White & Roberts Sts Movie Theater (868) 622-4644 1.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Massage Therapy Association Of T & T Massage Therapist (868) 658-3907 San Fernando
Millenium Fitness Centre Fitness Centers and Instructors (868) 671-5906 Chaguanas
Muscle Movers Fitness Ltd Fitness Centers and Instructors (868) 640-3488 St. Augustine, Northern part of Trinidad
St Mary's College Tennis Courts Tennis Club (868) 628-7066 St. James
The Shape Shop Fitness Centers and Instructors (868) 683-8293 San Fernando, Central Trinidad

If you think that's all, you'll certainly be surprised when you arrive. As you explore Trinidad and Tobago, chances are you'll happen upon more activities that interest you. Do make sure you allow room for a little wiggle in your schedule. Whatever you end up doing, it will be made all the more better because you are in the Caribbean.


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