Beaches on Trinidad

From popular beaches full of amenities to deserted shores, you'll find whatever you want in Trinidad

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Although Trinidad isn't known primarily for its beaches, you can still enjoy some sand and surf there. But swimmers should be careful, as riptides and undercurrents abound. Shallow waters can extend quite a distance from shore, so if you don't pay attention, you may suddenly find you've waded too far.

The north coast's calmer waters and natural beauty make its beaches the best for swimming on Trinidad. Changing rooms, bathrooms, and food are available at some of the beaches in this area. Here you'll find Maracas Bay, the most popular beach among locals and tourists alike. But if you want to get away from the crowds, you can find more tranquil places, as well.

Near Port of Spain on the northwest coast, locals frequent several beaches offering swimming, surfing, and kayak rentals. However, you won't find the same picturesque quality here as you will on the north coast. And you may find the waters to be polluted, which could make swimming less appealing.

The island's northeast coast, with its rocky shores and dangerous waters, is best for surfing. Prime surfing season here runs from November to April. Swimming isn't recommended, but if you absolutely must try it, talk to the locals to find the safest spots.

If you yearn for long stretches of unspoiled coastline, take a drive down the east coast. Aside from a few small towns dotting the countryside, you'll find little else here but sand and palm trees. Waters here tend to look muddy, and watch out for those undertows. Trinidad's beaches are a fun supplement to your main activities. But if you plan on making beach excursions the cornerstone of your trip, Tobago offers much more.

Beach Choices In The Area

You will find a large selection of beaches to enjoy on the island. If you're looking for a quiet getaway, you're likely to be pleased, since some of these beaches are relatively secluded and quiet. Click on individual beach names to get additional information concerning that particular beach.

Maracas Bay

Mayaro Beach: Mayaro Beach runs a full nine miles along Trinidad's east coast, making it the longest beach on the island. Not only is this beach popular amongst locals for swimming, but it is known for its great birding opportunities, kayaking, and camping spots.

A second place worth considering is Cedros Bay. Cedros Bay is located in the village of Cedros, on the island of Trinidad. The water here is typically calm with weak currents, though when the wind blows from the north or its been raining, it can become rough and choppy.

Guayaguayare Bay Beach: The beach is small and often deserted with a view of a giant rock ledge and the famous Trinity Hills. Sea grasses line the shores, which feature tan colored sand, and foggy water that reflects the color of the sand.

Take some time to look through this table for more information.

Beaches On Trinidad
Name Location Coast
Balandra Bay 0.4 mi. South of Central Rampanalgas North East
Blanchisseuse Beach 0.7 mi. East-Northeast of Central Blanchisseuse North
Cedros Bay 1.5 mi. West of Central Bonasse South West
Columbus Bay 2.4 mi. West-Southwest of Central Fullarton South West
Cyril Bay 1.0 mi. West of Central Maracas Bay North
Grande Riviere Bay 0.1 mi. Northeast of Central Grande Riviere North East
Granville Beach 0.6 mi. North-Northwest of Central Granville South West
Guayaguayare Bay Beach 0.9 mi. West of Central Settlement South East
Irois Bay Beach 2.3 mi. West-Southwest of Central Point Fortin South West
Las Cuevas Bay 3.3 mi. East-Northeast of Central Maracas Bay North
Macqueripe Bay 4.2 mi. North-Northeast of Central Chaguaramas North West
Manzanilla Beach 1.5 mi. East of Central Lower Manzanilla East
Maracas Bay 0.1 mi. East-Southeast of Central Maracas Bay North
Matura Bay 4.4 mi. East of Central Oropouche North East
Mayaro Beach 0.9 mi. South of Central St. Margaret South East
Quinam Beach 4.8 mi. South of Central Siparia South
Salibea Bay 1.9 mi. East of Central Old Road Town North East
Saline Bay 0.4 mi. Northeast of Central Salybia North East
Scotland Bay 2.3 mi. Northwest of Central Chaguaramas North West
Tyrico Bay 1.2 mi. East of Central Maracas Bay North

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