When is the Best Time to Visit Trinidad?

Both the low and high Caribbean seasons offer advantages to travelers

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When to Visit Trinidad

Whether you go to enjoy Port of Spain, bird watching, or eco-adventures, Trinidad and Tobago offer its friendly culture and natural beauty throughout the year. However, different seasons do affect the kind of vacation you'll have as well as how much it will cost.

Travel to the Caribbean is broken into two seasons, high and low. Although travel to the region is popular throughout the year, each season holds advantages and disadvantages for travelers. The high travel season in the Caribbean is mid-December to mid-April, while the low travel season spans the remainder of the year.


Trinidad Beaches

...escape the chill.

Trinidad and Tobago have two seasons that coincide largely with the high and low travel season. From January to May the islands experiences a dry season with mild temperatures without added precipitation and humidity. From May to December, the island experiences its wet season, with considerably more rainfall and cooler temperatures. Petit Carême occurs between mid-September to mid-October and is a brief cessation of regular rainfall.

The island's average yearly temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit coupled with the onset of the dry season gives travelers sufficient reason to vacation on Trinidad and Tobago. When you factor in the frigid weather that destinations in North America and Europe experience in winter, a vacation to the Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago can be an appealing option for those who want to escape the chill. Although Trinidad and Tobago are typically removed from hurricane paths, the ending of the Atlantic hurricane season at the end of November takes away much of the weather hazard that comes with traveling in the region from June to November.

High Season on Trinidad and Tobago

Those who choose to travel during the Caribbean high season will certainly have plenty of company. Large numbers of travelers from around the globe will migrate to islands throughout the region. As a result, hotels, restaurants, and businesses will be offering more services and will be running at full capacity. Restaurants may expand their menus and take on extra staff, while and other hotels will generally offer more amenities, such as recreational activities, health and spa services, and classes and instruction for their guests. Bars, clubs, and other social venues will generally be more crowded from the scores of young travelers socializing after a day on the beach. With such large numbers of people traveling to the region during this time, you're wise to secure your flight and hotel reservations at least a few months in advance. Restaurants and other services will also be in high demand, and reservations are recommended.

Low Season on Trinidad and Tobago

The Caribbean off season still offers much to travelers to Trinidad and Tobago. Although the islands experience a significant increase in rainfall during this time, showers generally occur in the afternoons and may bring with them cooler temperatures. Many hotels, airlines, and other services may reduce their prices during the Caribbean off season up to 50 percent. Travelers should monitor the Atlantic storm and weather systems and also check extended local forecasts for Trinidad and Tobago if they are traveling during this time.

Although many hotels and services might close during the off season, travelers using the ones that remain open should find it considerably easier to make reservations. Some hotels will use the slow season for maintenance and construction on their property, so it pays to ask if any renovations are planned during your visit.

Festivals and Events

Trinidad Events and Festivals

There are a number of festivals and cultural events that take place on Trinidad and Tobago that can also be appealing for travelers throughout various times of the year. Travelers can always check tourist office calendars for a dates of all festivals and activities.

Carnival, a popular festival throughout the Caribbean, takes place on two consecutive days in February and is full of music, dance, singing, and costumes. Aug. 31 marks the islands' Independence Day, while mid-July to early August marks the Tobago Heritage Festival, celebrating the culture and history of the island.

There are also several important Hindu and Muslim festivals and observances that occur on Trinidad and Tobago, including the Hindu festival of Phagwa, celebrating the harvest; and the Muslim day of Eid-Ul-Fitr, which follows the holy month of Ramadan.

Travelers seeking the pleasures of vacationing on Trinidad and Tobago have options and benefits for traveling during any time of the year.


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