Clothing and Attire on Trinidad

Attire on Trinidad and Tobago is similar to much of the Caribbean

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Clothing on Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago are closer to the equator than other Caribbean destinations, which results in hot, humid conditions. Visitors will want to pack appropriate items to stay cool while conforming to local customs for dress.

Weather on Trinidad and Tobago is generally pleasant, with an average yearly temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures can fluctuate, with cool evenings and hot and humid days driving temperatures up or down from the average. In order to stay cool during warm days, pack clothes made from light fabrics that allow ventilation. Clothing made of linen and cotton are the best choices. Travelers may want to avoid packing snug, tight-fitting clothing because of the heat. Clothing should be relaxed and casual, but neat. A sweater or light jacket comes in handy during winter evenings, or when visiting the region's higher altitudes.

Trinidad and Tobago's rainy season lasts from June to December, and if you visit the islands during these months, definitely pack protective rain gear in case you are caught in a typical afternoon shower.

Be sure to pack plenty of beach and active wear clothing, including swimsuits, athletic shorts and shoes, sandals, hats, sunglasses, tank tops, and shorts. Travelers who know they will be enjoying a recreational activity such as mountain biking will want to pack the necessary equipment for their excursion. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen provide protection from the powerful sun. Beachwear, activewear, shorts, and other revealing pieces of clothing should not be worn in cities, shops, restaurants, or in hotel lobbies. When out, men should wear pants and a collared or button down shirt. Women can wear informal dresses.

While most vacationers will not need to bring formal wear, travelers should be sure to consider their itinerary when packing. Pack accordingly if a business meeting or upscale dinner requires a tie, jacket, or even a suit.

Most visitors to the the Caribbean want to relax in comfortable clothing while enjoying the tropical weather and exploring the culture and beauty of the islands. Luckily, for travelers to Trinidad and Tobago, dress codes are laid back, and packing should be light and simple.


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