Trinidad's currency options

Travelers should exchange their cash once they land on the islands

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Trinidad's Currency and Money

Paying for services, accommodations, and dining is easy on Trinidad and Tobago. Even though the islands use their own currency, credit cards are widely accepted.

For cash, you will need Trinidad and Tobago dollars (TT$). Trinidad and Tobago coins are issued in denominations of TT$0.01, TT$0.05, TT$0.10, TT$0.25, and TT$0.50. Coins are engraved with the islands' coat of arms on one side and one of the national birds or flowers on the other. Trinidad and Tobago notes are issued in denominations of TT$1, TT$5, TT$10, TT$20, and TT$100. At the time of writing, the exchange rate to several major international currencies was TT$6.26 to $1.00(USD); TT$7.64 to ?1.00; and TT$11.25 to £1.00. Merchants usually accept U.S. dollars, but travelers are generally advised to change their money once they reach the island. Banks and currency exchange bureaus throughout Port of Spain and in the airport allow travelers to change their currency into Trinidad and Tobago dollars.

Major credit cards are widely accepted at many types of establishments throughout Trinidad and Tobago, and this should help prevent travelers from exchanging large sums of hard currency to finance your stay. Visa and Mastercard are more widely accepted than American Express and other credit cards. Travelers checks are also accepted throughout the islands, though travelers should always have cash handy to pay small vendors, taxi and bus fares, and tips.

Banks on the island include the First Citizen Bank, Scotiabank, The Republic Bank, and The Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT). ATMs accepting cards on the Plus/Electron and Cirrus/Maestro networks are available. Visitors to the island will find ATMs in both the Piarco International Airport on Trinidad and the Crown Point International Airport on Tobago. ATMs are also available throughout Port of Spain and Scarborough, but become harder to find outside the two major cities.

Although no one enjoys paying bills, wide acceptance of cash, credit cards, and traveler's checks makes it easy to pay your way through a Trinidad and Tobago vacation.


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