Scuba Diving Near Trinidad

There are dozens of dive sites off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago, and numerous lagoons for snorkeling

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Two of the most popular pastime in the Caribbean are diving; Trinidad and Tobago is no exception. It's hard to resist dipping your head below the surface of the sea and viewing marine life in an area of the world that has such crystal clear visibility and brightly colored tropical fish.

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Diving vs. Snorkeling

It is important to note the differences between diving and snorkeling before you decide which of the two you would like to try (or if you want to do both activities). Despite the fact that diving and snorkeling can often be done in many of the same areas, they are two very distinct entities.

Scuba (which stands for “self contained underwater breathing apparatus”) diving takes the sport a step further. Divers wear an air tank during their underwater journey to allow them to dive deeper and get a closer look at coral reef, marine life, and wreckage sites.

Scuba diving takes a little effort to get started. In Trinidad and Tobago you must be a certified diver in order to rent diving equipment. If you are not certified, you can take instructional courses through local dive shops, and many resorts even offer instructional courses as a perk for staying with them.

There are several dive services and some dive shops in the area.

Dive Operators and Shops

The dive shops you'll be able to find are summarized here:

Dive Shops Near Trinidad
Name Phone Location
Rick's Dive World (868) 634-3483 Chaguaramas, Northwestern part of Trinidad
Scuba Specialists (868) 658-3861 San Fernando

If you're ready to dive, you can check with DiveTnT. After over 25 years in operation and with over 25,000 dives under their belts, DiveTnT boats an impeccable safety record. In all this time, there have been no drownings or even minor accidents. They are situated in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.

Another good option is Underwater Works. Unique on the island of Trinidad is Underwater Works, which not only specializes in a full course list of recreational diving, but as a recently certified AWS Educational Institution, they can train up commercial divers as well. If you have interest in training under either type of program, of you're already certified and looking for a great guide team, this is the team for you. You can call them at (868) 743-7334.

A third good option is Aquathrills. Specializing in diving and all other manner of outdoor adventure on the island, Aquathrills is your go-to spot when you want to try a little bit of everything. They're situated in San Fernando, Trinidad.

Some key facts concerning the area's dive operators are provided below.

Dive Operators Near Trinidad
Name Phone Location
Aquathrills (868) 290-0304 San Fernando, Southwestern part of Trinidad
DiveTnT (868) 634-2872 0.5 mi. East of Central Chaguaramas
Underwater Works (868) 743-7334 Chaguanas, Central Trinidad

Dive Services

The following chart enables you to learn the approximate cost of dive services in this area.

Dive Services
Offering Type Low Rate High Rate
Discover Scuba $ 85.0 $ 130.0
Double Tank Dive $ 85.0 $ 110.0
Open Water Certification $ 500.0 $ 530.0
Single Tank Dive $ 45.0 $ 60.0

To learn more about diving, including helpful suggestions and tips for both beginners and experienced divers, check out our extensive Caribbean scuba diving article.


  • Even with hours of training and a knowledgeable tour guide, there are a few things to keep in mind each time you head out into the water.
  • Pay attention to currents and how your body responds to them; you don't drift too far off course.
  • Wear a water proof watch to ensure you don't lose track of time, which can be easy to do underwater.
  • Don't feed the fish or touch the animals or coral, this could cause their protective layers to be stripped away.
  • Never stand or walk on a reef, and tread carefully in shallow water around reefs. Shuffle your feet to avoid stingrays, and watch out for sea urchin's spines.
  • Never wear jewelry. Caribbean fish, barracudas especially, seem to be drawn to shiny objects that look like their natural prey, small silver fish.
  • Avoid jellyfish, fire coral, and other stinging creatures.
  • Never reach into holes or crevices; animals - especially moray eels - like to make their homes in them.
  • Shark sightings are rare, and sharks that are spotted are usually passive. If you do see a shark, stay calm, and if necessary, move slowly out of the water.
  • Never remove anything from dive sites and reefs.
  • Wear waterproof sunblock. Sunburns are a common side effect of the hot Caribbean sun, even under water.

Planning a day of diving during your Trinidad and Tobago vacation is sure to add a level of excitement to your stay. Whether exploring the numerous coral reef, swimming with the fish, or viewing the spectacular MV Maverick wreckage, the waters of Trinidad and Tobago offer a type of majestic beauty that can't be missed.


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