Outlets and Voltage on Trinidad

Vacationers may need to adapt to the islands' voltages

Photo credit: © Claudiu Badea | Dreamstime.com

Trinidad and Tobago Electricity

For many vacationers, it's hard to do without important electrical items, such as hair dryers, irons, laptops, and other devices that make everyday life comfortable and easy. When booking hotel or resort arrangements for your stay on Trinidad and Tobago, be sure to inquire about the electricity and whether you will need to purchase an adapter or transformer.

Trinidad and Tobago has both 115 or 230-volt AC on 60 cycles. You should find out what voltage your hotel or resort uses before you go because these voltages may be different from your home country.

If your hotel's voltage does not match your appliances, you may need to purchase an adapter or transformer before you go or ask if one will be available to you once you check in. Some hotels often will offer their guests these items as part of their service. Some hotels may even have 220-volt outlets, which is what you find in most places in North America. Also, airports will probably carry the necessary equipment for converting your electrical appliances for use on the island.

You should easily be able to use all your personal electrical appliances on Trinidad and Tobago. Just be sure to talk to your hotel's staff about voltage requirements before you go and arrive prepared with the right equipment.


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