Trinidad Ferries

Trinidad is connected to Tobago and other Caribbean islands thanks to ferries

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Ferries are not the fastest way to travel to and from Trinidad and Tobago, but it is popular. Many people enjoy taking part in the maritime travel as they chug towards their next destination.

Riding the Ferries

When it comes to ferries on Trinidad, most people will think only of the connection between Trinidad and Tobago. Luckily, there is hopes that Bedy Oceanliner will add a new service that connects Trinidad to a few other islands. But please note that as of January 2014, the Bedy Oceanliner service has not started. Do not commit to this service before calling and confirming that it is operational.

However, the service to Tobago is full functional and is an iconic feature of the two islands. Many tourist have and will travel between Trinidad and Tobago via the Port Authority ferry. Make no doubts, the ferry is slow, but it serves its purpose.

Port Of Spain Ferry Dock is the only ferry dock in the area. Reach them at (868) 625-4906; you'll find the dock on Wrightson Road just outside the heart of Trinidad.

For those who decide that getting to Tobago is going to be part of their vacation, ferries can be the cheapest option. An adult will have to pay about 37 Trinidad Dollars (about $6 US Dollars) for a one way ticket, while a child will pay half that. See the chart below for more information on rates.

Trinidad to Tobago Fares
Ticket TypePrice on Trinidad Dollars
Adult - Cabin TT $80.00
Adult - Economy TT $37.50
Child TT $18.75
Vehicle One Way TT $150.00
Vehicle Round Trip TT $250.00
Ferry Routes, Trinidad
Location Served Dock A Dock B Company Frequency
Port of Spain Scarborough Ferry Port Port Of Spain Ferry Dock Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago at least daily

One other feature to make note of is that the ferry to Tobago also serves as a car barge, so you will be able to bring your car onto the ferry and take it between the islands. However, it is always a good idea to confirm with your rental car agency that this is okay with them, as some may have a policy against it.

Regardless, for those who don't mind a slow trek over the water, taking a ferry to Tobago can be a fantastic way to see the islands.


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