Getting More Info Concerning Trinidad

Let research get you excited about your vacation

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Whether you are traveling to buzzing Trinidad or staying amid the natural beauty of Tobago, there are many ways to collect information about the two islands. Use careful research and planning to craft a vacation that meets all your expectations.

Many people often first hear about an island from friends or co-workers, and these primary firsthand contacts make excellent resources as you begin to plan your trip. Knowing someone familiar with your own tastes can go a long way in discovering must-see sites, off-tourist-path secrets, and restaurants that serve the freshest local dishes.

More and more travelers are turning to the Internet to conduct their research and book travel. Consult the Internet at any time during your planning, and you will discover the online community is an irreplaceable tool for information about Trinidad and Tobago. Use this site as an extensive and easy-to-navigate resource for learning about Trinidad and Tobago. Travelers can learn about everything from driving conditions and rental properties to health and safety tips to yachting information. The Official Tourism Website of Trinidad and Tobago ( can also be a good resource for learning general and travel information concerning the island. Travelers can also access brochures and request feedback while navigating the site. The Caribbean Tourism Organization ( can also provide additional information to travelers.

Once these resources have been exhausted, consider other online options for accessing and reviewing information about Trinidad and Tobago. A search engine such as Google will yield a long list of sites of varying reliability and information. Use caution when consulting personal sites because information may not always be accurate. If you have questions regarding information found on a site that does not seem official, the tourism board could be a good contact for verifying whatever you find.

You are sure to come across Internet vendor travel sites that can research and book hotels, flights, and transportation online. Sites such as these allow travelers to see a long list of available amenities and benefits that come with each service. Travelers can access these sites early in their research to learn what options will be suitable for the type of vacation they wish to plan. Travelers looking for all-inclusive resorts can discover the offerings of various locations and companies, while eco-tourists can learn which regions and accommodations cater to an adventurous vacation and lifestyle. Once you have conducted additional research, you can always return to these sites to book your final travel arrangements.

Travelers can also access Web sites of various travel magazines, which often maintain a searchable electronic database of past articles and features on the Caribbean and specific islands. Internet researchers can also procure phone and business directories, which help locate companies that offer jet ski rentals, dentists, or any imagineable type of service. Phone numbers, addresses, and even Web sites of both large and small and locally owned businesses should be available through these sites.

Internet message and bulletin boards are a final option for researchers on the Internet and are another way of learning other traveler's opinions and reflections on Trinidad and Tobago. If you are interested in a particular hotel or resort, tourist site, or restaurant, look for reviews and posts by other travelers who have been to the island. See what others are saying about taking the ferry from Trinidad to Tobago. These boards are a popular way for researchers to post questions and receive responses from people who have been to the islands. Whether you read through past Q and A's or post a new question yourself, be aware that the people posting information on these boards are not official sources, and information might be misleading or inaccurate. Always attempt to verify information you receive with official sources, and never disclose personal information over the Internet.

If your Internet search has not exhausted you, visit a bookstore or library to consult travel guides for the Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago. General Caribbean guides can help familiarize you with the region while guides written specifically about Trinidad and Tobago will supply detailed information and essential facts and tips. Many different Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago guidebooks are available. Take time to browse through a number of them. Some guides may feature extensive listings for all-inclusive resorts and fine dining, while others may be good sources for eco-adventure. Travelers might also consider purchasing a book to have a handy, physical resource during the vacation.

Several magazines found in your local bookstore can be a good source for feature articles about Trinidad and Tobago. Magazines may also have advertising and contact information for local businesses on your island of choice.

Travelers who take time to research and plan their trip usually reap the relaxing benefits of being knowledgeable about their destination. Take some time to learn more about Trinidad and Tobago by consulting any of the various sources of information that are available.


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