Staying Healthy on Trinidad

Vacationers can enjoy their trip and stay healthy

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Traveling to Trinidad and Tobago involves no major health risks. Most health risks that face vacationers when visiting these sister islands can be avoided with a few precautions while enjoying your island retreat.

If you happen to need medical attention while visiting Trinidad and Tobago, be prepared for conditions in health and medical facilities to be more basic than you may be used to. Some areas in the public health care system could use improvements. However, private health care is excellent on the islands, and there are several facilities located on both Trinidad and Tobago. For any emergency situations while on either island, dial 999 or 990 for ambulance service.

This list provides contact information for some hospitals and clinics located on both islands:

Medical Facility Telephone Number
A C I Cath Lab 18
Elizabeth Street
St. Clair
Arima District Hospital
Queen Mary Avenue
Arima Field Clinic
Aranguez Health Centre
Arouca Health Centre
Auzonville Medical Centre
11 Eastern Main Road
Bethel Health Centre
Biche Health Centre
Blanchiesseuse Health Centre
Brothers Road Health Centre
Princes Town
Caribbean Medical Clinic
5 Queen's Park East
Port of Spain
Diego Martin Health Centre
Diego Martin
Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex
1 Mount Hope Medical Complex
Mount Hope
Port of Spain
Gulf View Medical Centre
Gulf View Link Road
San Fernando
Health Services Chest Clinic
Mt Hope

San Fernando Chest Clinic
San Fernando
Medical Associates Hospital
Albert & Abercromby Streets
St. Joseph
Port of Spain Hospital
Port of Spain
Scarborough Health Centre
Williamsville Health Centre
Princes Town

Most doctors require a cash payment after services are rendered. To avoid potentially costly medical bills, check with your health insurance company to see if your policy covers you while traveling abroad. If your insurance doesn't cover your travels, purchase short-term insurance for overseas coverage. Be sure to bring your insurance I.D. card and claims forms for proof of insurance while on Trinidad and Tobago. Travelers don't need any special shots or immunizations to visit Trinidad and Tobago, but it is recommended that vacationers be updated on their immunization boosters, like measles and tetanus, before traveling to any foreign country.

If you require medications, bring an adequate supply with you and keep them in labeled, original containers. If possible, bring a doctor's note describing your condition and medication. If you need a prescription refill or an over-the-counter medicine, several pharmacies are located on the islands.  If you are traveling with your prescription medication, make sure they are packaged in their original containors and that they are clearly marked.  Additionally, include a prescription slip or note from your physician. 

Pharmacy Phone Number
Dove Drugs 868-639-2976
PharmaRx Pharmacy 868-631-1030
Ross Budget Drugs Ltd. 868-639-2658
Scarborough Drugs 868-639-4161
Tobago Pharmacy 868-639-3784
Tri-Pharmacy 868-639-6825
Tsoi's Pharmacy 868-639-3383

The most common illnesses that affect vacationers are mostly preventable. Heed these precautions to stay healthy on your island getaway:

  • Trinidad and Tobago are very close to the equator, and the sun can get extremely hot. Wear sunscreen with the appropriate SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and drink plenty of water and fluids to prevent dehydration when spending time in the sun;

  • While in the waters surrounding the island, be cautious of sea urchins and jelly fish that can cause nasty skin injuries;

  • Mosquitoes and other pesky insects can be irritating as well as cause minor skin irritation. Don't forget to wear bug repellent when spending time outdoors.

Seasoned travelers will suggest that you pack a Travel Medical Kit, filled with supplies to treat minor ailments.  This should include the following:

  • Painkillers including acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen;
  • Antihistamines;
  • Topical disinfectant;
  • Antacids;
    Rubbing alcohol;
  • Bandages;
  • Thermometer.

Vacationers can enjoy their retreat to Trinidad and Tobago while staying healthy by simply remembering to follow a few health and medical precautions.


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