KFC Sangre Grande

When Colonel Sanders created his original fried chicken recipe, he couldn't have known that he had just thrown together some spices that would change the face of the fast food industry. And yet, here we are more than half a century later and KFC, his baby, is known around the world for their delectable fried chicken.


Fried chicken isn't the only thing on the menu at KFC. You can also get extra crispy fried chicken, grilled chicken, mashed potato bowls, chicken wraps, chicken sandwiches, popcorn chicken, and chicken pot pies. On the side, choose from a number of southern-style favorites such as coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, and biscuits.

KFC Sangre Grande is a fast food restaurant where they proudly serve their take on American cuisine. Anticipate and dress for a dining experience that is very casual. This location is open for both dinner and lunch, so give it a try.


KFC Sangre Grande is located in Sangre Grande, a town on Trinidad; it is to the east of Chaguanas.

Guests hoping to merge their dining experience with some excellent sightseeing options should enjoy visiting Blanchisseuses Forest Reserve. Do keep in mind, though, that if you're planning to visit, taking a cab or having your own car may be necessary, as it's 16 and a half miles to the northwest.

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Credit Cards and Other Info

KFC is perfect for the tourist on a budget, where you can get a full meal for well under $10(USD).

KFC Sangre Grande accepts major credit cards.

Contact Info

Location: Sangre Grande, Trinidad

Website: http://www.kfc-tt.com/


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