Landmarks on Trinidad

There is more to Trinidad than the beaches

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The island of Trinidad abounds with fascinating sites that should be on your list of “Things To See.” Between the unique architecture and the historical significance of the top landmarks, each spot proves to offer something of interest


National Museum & Art Gallery

Assuming you enjoy expanding your knowledge of other cultures and places, you might enjoy visiting a museum while on vacation on Trinidad. You can click on the museum names to obtain more information.

An interesting landmark worth visiting is Chaguaramas Military History & Aerospace Museum. It is located within Trinidad. As guests explore the many exhibits, guides are available to help answer any questions that you may have, so feel free to ask. Additionally, interactive exhibits like the simulated bunker, helps give you a first hand understanding of the history.

Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is Central Bank Money Museum. It is situated in downtown Port of Spain. Owned and staffed by the Central Bank, this museum will take visitors on a journey across the world and time to see how money, its use, and the way it is made and stored has changed over the years. At this time, the museum is closed for a complete upgrade and renovation, with the expectation that they will reopen in September of 2015.

National Museum & Art Gallery: The museum is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, and on Sundays from 2:00 p.m.

The chart right below enables you to get a few details concerning museums you might enjoy on the island.

Museums On Trinidad
Name Phone Location Island
Angostura Museum and Barcant Butterfly Collection (868) 623-1841 ext. 255 2.4 mi. East of Central downtown Port of Spain Trinidad
Central Bank Money Museum (868) 625-2601 ext. 2151 Downtown Port of Spain Trinidad
Chaguaramas Military History & Aerospace Museum (868) 634-4391 5.6 mi. West-Northwest of Central Port of Spain Trinidad
Indian Caribbean Museum of Trinidad and Tobago (868) 673-7007 Trinidad and Tobago None
National Museum & Art Gallery (868) 623-5941 0.7 mi. North of Downtown Port of Spain Trinidad

Historical Sites

Stollmeyer's Castle

If you enjoy exploring the history of an unfamiliar place, you should consider visiting a few of these historical sites during your time on Trinidad.

Many travelers choose to visit President's House. It is located in St. Ann's, Trinidad. Much like the White House in the United States, the President's House is the official residence of the president of Trinidad and Tobago. Originally built in 1876, the house has served as a governor's residence, a museum and art gallery, the governor's residence once again, and finally the president's quarters.

Many travelers also choose to visit Fort George. It is located in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Fort George is open from 9 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Fort Picton: Built by the British in 1797 fearing an imminent invasion by France or Spain, Fort Picton was the solution. The island's governor hoped that this single fort would be enough to hold off the other European empires.

Take a minute to read this table for a listing of historic sites on the island.

Historic Sites On Trinidad
Name Phone Location
Fort George (868) 639-3970 2.1 mi. North of Central Port of Spain
Fort Picton -- 1.0 mi. East of Downtown Port of Spain
Hayes Court -- Downtown Port of Spain
President's House (868) 624-1261 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Port of Spain
Stollmeyer's Castle -- 1.5 mi. North-Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Guests may explore some other interesting sites to visit on Trinidad.

The chart directly below shows more information about other kinds of sites of interest to visitors.

Miscellaneous Landmarks On Trinidad
Name Type Location
Brigand Hill Lighthouse Lighthouse 0.7 mi. South of Central Lower Manzanilla
Chacachacare Island Lighthouse 15.0 mi. West of Central Port of Spain

Fortunately, you'll find other types of attractions. Make your way to this extended discussion about even more attractions if you want to learn some more details.

Religious Sites

Located in Independence Square in Port of Spain, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was built in the 1820s, and is well visited because of its architecture. The cathedral still holds daily services, and visitors are welcome to attend.

Artisans from India constructed the Dattatreya Yoga Centre on Trinidad, complete with an 85-foot statue of the god Hanuman. The temple is an active place of worship, so no pictures may be taken inside, but guests are welcome to snap photos on the grounds outside.

Despite being destroyed in a fire, today the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain looks very much like it did when it was built in the 1820s. Visitors are welcome to enter the cathedral and sit in on a daily service.

The Presbyterian church in Port of Spain is Greyfriars Church. It was built in the 19th century, and is a simple, but beautiful structure.

Whether you are on a spiritual journey and hope to attend services at some of the islands' historical religious spots, enjoy learning about military history, or can't resist a trip to the top of a lighthouse for a look out over the surrounding areas, Trinidad and Tobago has something to offer you. Leave at least one day of your trip open for site-seeing, and you're sure to return home with a few stories to tell.


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