How to Decide What You Want for your Vacation on Trinidad

Make decisions based on your own vacation ideals

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In order to get the most out of a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, make travel decisions based on the type of vacation you want to have. People visit this region for different reasons, so choosing appropriate itineraries and accommodations means your vacation will be an enjoyable one.

Narrow Your Search (Which place is best for me?)

Once you have decided to plan a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, you should begin to think about where you want to stay. Trinidad and Tobago have a rich Caribbean culture, great shopping, beautiful beaches, and eco-adventures. For a vacation defined by city life and shopping, you may wish to stay near Port of Spain on Trinidad. Those interested in the flora and fauna of the islands may want to look into staying in the northeast area of Trinidad where the Asa Wright Nature Centre allows visitors to get close to up to 400 species of birds. Although the island is small, deciding where to stay can be important for organizing your activities and day trips.

Travelers who want to stretch out on the beach should consider staying on Tobago. The less developed of the islands offers travelers much in the form of eco-adventure, from snorkeling and scuba diving to hiking. Although an increase in development has brought more tourists, the beauty of the island continues to attract those looking for retreat in natural settings.

Although natural beauty is found on both islands, the type of activities you wish to pursue can help you decide where to stay. Different areas cater to different travelers. Yachting enthusiasts may wish to stay around Chaguaramas on Trinidad, while those who are interested in snorkeling and scuba diving may choose Tobago's southwest coast, among other places.

Arrivals (How will I get there?)

Travelers to Trinidad and Tobago can choose air or sea travel to get to the islands. Flying is a fast and popular way of traveling to all destinations in the Caribbean, and Trinidad's international airport handles an impressive flow of visitor traffic, but Tobago also has a smaller airport. If you want to see Trinidad and Tobago, ferry service shuttles passengers between the islands.

Travelers arriving by sea usually enjoy the journey as much as arriving at their destination. Although Trinidad and Tobago are tucked into the Southern rim of the Caribbean, many cruise lines call on the islands.

Travelers to the island should also consider their means of transportation once they arrive. Those looking to tour extensively on either island may find it beneficial to rent a car rather than pay taxi or bus fares.

On the Island (Where will I go on the island?)

Once you have decided where to stay, start thinking about what you want to do and where you want to go. Consider which activities interest you most, which will require reservations, and which day trips, if any, you want to take.

If you are traveling alone, with a friend, or as a couple, you may be interested in more adventurous, outgoing activities such as eco-adventures, hikes, and mountain-biking tours. Families with younger children may want to consider visiting nature preserves or museums. Some may prefer the quiet of a small seaside villa, while others may prefer an all-inclusive resort experience.

Regardless of where you stay on the island and what activities you plan, it's a good idea to explore the many offerings of Trinidad and Tobago. Quiet beaches, lush flora, exotic fauna, and plenty of culture give travelers many options during their stay. Plan a day trip in your itinerary to do something a little different or be spontaneous during your stay.

No matter what kind of trip you wish to have and where you end up staying on the island, Trinidad and Tobago offer travelers beauty and culture. Proper planning and decision-making will help ensure you make the most out of your vacation to the islands.


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