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Trinidad and Tobago Maps

Trinidad and Tobago are located in the southern portion of the Caribbean Sea, just off the northeast coast of Venezuela. The archipelago is comprised of the two main islands and 21 small satellite islands that are covered in dense vegetation.

Both of the major islands are covered in rivers, streams and luscious tropical  forests. Trinidad has a mountaineous area along the northern coast, with a landscape that is more reminiscent of some South American destinations than the typical Caribbean island.  Both Trinidad and Tobago offer ideal vacation spots for those who love to explore the outdoors.  If necessary, just widen your browser to view the entire map.


Trinidad is home to a number of attractions that will dazzle tourists. At the Botanic Gardens near Port of Spain toward the center of the map, guests can spend their afternoon exploring the sprawling grounds of this natural haven. If you're interested in scoping out the history of Trinidad, head over to the Queen's Park Savannah and the Magnificent Seven.  Also located in the Port of Spain, this area showcases a collection of Victorian architecture, including a museum and the prime minister's office. 

Just south of Port of Spain, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary boasts magnificent views and bird watching for creatures like the country's national bird, the Scarlet Ibis. For another encounter with nature, check out the Asa Wright Nature Centre in northern Trinidad, near Arima.

If you decide to visit Tobago, you'll find a wide range of things to do and see.  At the Tobago Forest Reserve, tourists can adventure through the oldest rain forest reserve in the entire western hemisphere. The park offers guided tours and plentiful hiking trails through the jungle terrain. The Fort King George in Scarborough provides guests with a breathtaking attraction that combines architecture and nature with a fort that is delicately perched on a towering cliff-side. The Tobago Museum is located nearby, and is home to many artifacts like ancient weapons and maps. Just off the northeast coast of Tobago, the island of Little Tobago makes for a great day trip for anyone keen on admiring the outdoor beauty in its unspoiled state.

The beaches of Trinidad and Tobago are probably the nation's most popular attractions. On the island of Trinidad, the most frequented beaches are found along the northern coast, including the popular Blanchisseuse beach and secluded Macqueripe Bay.  Farther south, some of the best beaches include the family-friendly shores of Quinam Beach and the sunbather's paradise at Manzanilla Beach.

The island of Tobago boasts equally enticing beaches in a much more compact area, including its most famous location at Pigeon Point, where vacationers can enjoy water sports, swimming and a glass bottom boat tour. The best snorkeling on Tobago can be found at Mt. Irvine beach on the Leeward Coast, where beach-goers can also rent canoes and other water sport equipment.

Places to Stay


The larger of the two islands, Trinidad offers multiple places to stay.  In the general vicinity of Port of Spain on the map, you'll find a good variety of accommodation options.  This area appeals to guests wanting to stay close to the action -- it features a good variety of dining options, as well as shopping opportunities and attractions like the Magnificent Seven.  If you're most interested in spending time soaking up the sun, and prefer a less populated area, consider staying near Blanchisseuse. This area is also home to a good selection of accommodations, one of the nation's top beaches, and turtle nesting grounds.  Additional lodging facilities can be found in several other locations on Trinidad -- for instance, near Chaguaramas and in the area east of Matelot.


The largest concentration of accommodations on Tobago are centered around the city of Scarborough. The area is home to a large number of restaurants and shopping, as well as dozens of lodging facilities.  But, as you venture farther out along both coasts, you will encounter additional accommodations, ranging from resorts and hotels to rental villas and condos. The southernmost tip of the island, near Canaan on the map, also features lodging facilities, restaurants, sight-seeing opportunities and more. Those interested in staying on the northern end of Tobago will find another concentration of lodging in the area near Charlotteville.


Each of the twin islands features its own airport. In Trinidad, the Piarco International Airport (POS) is located on the northern end of Trinidad, a bit southeast of the c ity of Port of Spain. This facility serves flights arriving from the United States, Canada, Venezuela and other parts of the Caribbean.  Tobago's airport, the Crown Point Airport (TAB), is situated near the town of Canaan.  It serves flights from Trinidad and several other Caribbean islands, as well as mainland destinations as far away as London and New York.

Both Trinidad and Tobago are equipped with their own cruise ports. Vacationers visiting Trinidad on a cruise ship will generally dock at the Cruise Ship Complex in the Port of Spain. This dock features duty-free shopping, clothing boutiques and a Tourism Information Office for travelers. In Tobago, most ships arrive at the cruise terminal in the city of Scarborough. This dock houses an ice cream shop, market vendors, a Tourism Information Office and more.

Travel by ferry is a popular option for vacationers wanting to see both islands. The Trinidad-Tobago Ferry transports passengers on large catamarans between locations in Port of Spain and Scarborough.  Another alternative is the Trinidad & Tobago Inter-Island Transportation Company, which provides similar services between these same two cities.


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