What's Located Around Maracas Bay

Many times, landing a hotel within walking distance of a good beach can make your trip to this area even more special.

If you are looking forward to the beach more than anything, Maracas Bay is the right spot for you. This lodging is situated right on the water, so vacationers can spend every day in the sun if that is what they want to do.

Nearby Beaches

Maracas Bay

Of course, since Maracas Bay is located directly on Maracas Bay, relaxing on the sand is popular with guests staying at this property. The north coast of Trinidad is home to Maracas Bay, one of the more popular beaches on the island. Sit along the shore or enjoy the often rocky waters with strong current under the safety of a lifeguard. For those who are eager for some variety, its not difficult to find another beach to experience. Click the names below to view a detailed discussion:

Beaches Near Maracas Bay
Beach Distance Direction Location
Cyril Bay 0.8 W 9.0 mi. Northeast of Port of Spain
Tyrico Bay 1.4 E 10.4 mi. Northeast of Port of Spain
Las Cuevas Bay 3.4 ENE 12.5 mi. Northeast of Port of Spain

Cyril Bay is the one that's nearest to these accommodations. Set along Trinidad's North coast is Cyril Bay, a great locale for a day of splashing around with the family. Despite it's remote location, many people make the trek, so don't expect to have the beach to yourself.

Nearby Areas

Guests who'd like some more information about the surrounding area's offerings might like to know how far away the closest town or city is from their accommodations. Maracas Bay is located in Maracas Bay, a neighborhood on Trinidad; it's to the northeast of Port of Spain.

Below are the names of some of the neighborhoods and towns located within a short distance of Maracas Bay.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Maraval 5.8 SW
Cascade 7.1 SW
St. Ann's 7.4 SW
Belmont 7.7 SW
San Juan 7.9 S
St. Clair 8.2 SW
St. James 8.5 SW
Valsayn 8.6 S
St. Augustine 8.8 SSE

Nearby Attractions

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Even though there are just a few attractions close to the hotel, you will be pretty close to Caroni Bird Sanctuary, which is one of the closest ones.

For more, check out the nearby attractions below:

Attractions Near Maracas Bay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Caroni Bird Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 11.9 S 5.0 mi. Northwest of Chaguanas
Caroni Lagoon National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 11.6 S 5.2 mi. Northwest of Chaguanas
Kay Donna Drive In Movie Theater 9.1 S 7.2 mi. North of Chaguanas
Caribbean Cinemas (Trincity 8) Movie Theater 11.1 SE 8.0 mi. Northeast of Chaguanas
Palladium Cinema Movie Theater -- -- St. Augustine
Angostura Museum and Barcant Butterfly Collection Museum 8.0 S 4.2 mi. East of Port of Spain
Fort Picton Historical Site -- -- 2.8 mi. East of Port of Spain
St. Vincent Jetty Range Rear Lighthouse 9.0 SSW 2.0 mi. East-Southeast of Port of Spain
Central Bank Money Museum Museum 9.0 SW Downtown Port of Spain
Woodford Square Park 8.7 SW Downtown Port of Spain
Globe Cinema Movie Theater 8.6 SW Woodbrook
Victoria Square Park 8.8 SW Downtown Port of Spain
Lord Harris Square Park 8.3 SW 1.7 mi. East of Port of Spain
National Museum & Art Gallery Museum 8.1 SW 1.8 mi. East of Port of Spain
Memorial Park Park 8.1 SW Belmont
Hayes Court Historical Site 8.2 SW Downtown Port of Spain
Little Carib Theatre White & Roberts Sts Movie Theater -- -- Woodbrook
Queen's Park Savannah Park 8.0 SW Downtown Port of Spain
Siegert Square Park 8.7 SW Woodbrook
Queen's Park Oval Park 8.5 SW Woodbrook
Queen's Royal College Sports Ground Park 8.2 SW St. Clair
Nelson Mandela Park Park 8.4 SW St. Clair
Jackson Square Park 8.1 SW St. Clair
Stollmeyer's Castle Historical Site 8.0 SW St. Clair
Rock Garden Botanical Garden 7.9 SW 1.5 mi. Northeast of Port of Spain
Royal Botanical Gardens Botanical Garden 7.7 SW St. Ann's
President's House Historical Site 7.5 SW St. Ann's
Emperor Valley Zoo Zoo 7.7 SW St. Ann's
Wild Flower Park Park 8.0 SW St. Clair
Public Service Association Grounds Park 8.1 SW Downtown Port of Spain
Fort George Historical Site 8.4 SW 2.1 mi. North of Port of Spain
Forest & Nature Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 3.1 ESE 10.6 mi. Northeast of Port of Spain
Maracas Waterfall Waterfall 1.4 S 8.5 mi. Northeast of Port of Spain
ASA Wright Nature Center Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 10.3 E 15.2 mi. Northeast of Chaguanas
Chaguaramas Military History & Aerospace Museum Museum 12.8 WSW 5.6 mi. West-Northwest of Port of Spain
Yarra Forest Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 8.1 E 16.4 mi. East-Northeast of Port of Spain
Edith Falls Waterfall 12.6 W 7.8 mi. Northwest of Port of Spain
Blanchisseuses Forest Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 11.1 E 19.1 mi. East-Northeast of Port of Spain
Parva Forest Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 14.3 E 20.8 mi. Northeast of Chaguanas

If you're looking for an interesting place to visit, Caroni Bird Sanctuary might be just right for you. The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is a swamp popular among eco tourists for its plentiful offering of bird watching opportunities.

Nearby Accommodations

When deciding on a place to stay, it can sometimes be helpful to learn about nearby accommodations as a means to get a better feel for the region. Though you might only find a couple of other resort and hotel options right around Maracas Bay, its quiet surroundings ensure that it's a perfect choice for guests hoping to enjoy a secluded vacation spot. Be that as it may, vacationers will still be able to find other accommodations by traveling out a bit farther. Find out what you need to know about the area's hotel booking options by viewing the table below.

Accommodations near Maracas Bay
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Crosswinds Villa -- -- 6.5 mi. Northeast of Port of Spain, Trinidad
Las Cuevas 4.0 ENE 13.1 mi. Northeast of Port of Spain, Trinidad
Chaconia Hotel 5.1 SW Maraval, Trinidad
Monique's 6.5 SW Maraval, Trinidad
Cascadia Hotel And Conference Center 6.6 SW 2.9 mi. Northeast of Port of Spain, Trinidad
Royal Palm Suite Hotel -- -- 2.5 mi. North-Northeast of Port of Spain, Trinidad
Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre 7.1 SSW 3.3 mi. East of Port of Spain, Trinidad
Coblentz Inn Boutique Hotel 7.2 SW Cascade, Trinidad
L'Orchidee Boutique Hotel 7.4 SW Cascade, Trinidad
Sun Deck Suites 7.4 SSW 3.9 mi. East of Port of Spain, Trinidad

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