Nightlife on Trinidad

When night falls, Trinidad rises to the occasion

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Trinidad and Tobago Nightlife

At one point in recent history, someone who had been to Trinidad and might tell you that Trinidad is the place to go to party, and Tobago is where you hide out and relax.  This isn't necessarily the case any longer.


Trinidad and bars have some of the best happy hours around, from two-for-one specials to penny pitchers, and even free samples every now and then.  What better time to start your night off than at happy hour?  Most of the islands' bars are part of restaurants, or at the very least serve bar food, so you can get a meal in before beginning your night of debauchery.

Trinidad Bars:

  • 40/40 Sports Bar and Lounge
  • 51°  Lounge
  • All Out Sports Bar and Grill
  • Anchorage
  • Aura Cocktail Bar and Restaurant
  • Barracuda Bar and Lounge
  • The Bay Bar
  • The Bight
  • Bois Cano
  • Cafe Melange
  • Carnival Bar
  • Checkered Flag Restaurant and Sports Lounge
  • Club Senses
  • Coco Lounge
  • Crobar
  • Drink! Wine Bar
  • J. Malone's Irish Pub
  • Jenny's on the Boulevard
  • Lynx Restaurant and Bar
  • Mas Camp Pub
  • Mangoes Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge
  • More Vino
  • Paprika Restaurant and Bar
  • Rafters
  • Sails Restaurant and Bar
  • Smokey and Bunty
  • Sky Bar and Lounge
  • Trotters

Dance Clubs

Something about being in the Caribbean tends to move people, and make them want to move.  If you've got the rhythm in you, head to one of the country's nightclubs instead of a bar to work off some of your extra energy. 

Trinidad Clubs:

  • Alchemy
  • Hi RPM
  • Livin' Room Club
  • Pier One
  • Space La Nouba
  • Sting Night Club
  • Tsunami Beach Club
  • Zen
  • Tobago Clubs:
  • Euphoria Lounge
  • Kariwak Village

Other Entertainment

You don't necessarily have to head into a bar or a club to have good time on Trinidad and Tobago.  There are multitudes of other options available.  Good wholesome, family fun can be had on a mini-golf course such as Bedrock Mini Golf and Game Center in Port of Spain, dinner theaters, karaoke clubs, and annual events and festivals.  Other options include pool halls, live theater, and classical music concerts.  If you're interested in seeing a movie during your vacation, there are two movie theaters on Tobago.


Entertainment and Nightlife
Name Type Phone Location
All Inclusive Bar Services Bar (868) 765-3693 Arima
Angie's Place The Pub Bar (868) 675-4112 Port of Spain
Bar at Bootleggers Bar (868) 6470-8448 7.9 mi. Northeast of Chaguanas
Baracuda Bar & Lounge Bar (868) 634-4000 Chaguanas
Barracuda Bar and Lounge Bar (868) 634-4384 Chaguaramas
Caribbean Cinemas (Trincity 8) Movie Theater (868) 640-8788 8.0 mi. Northeast of Chaguanas
Club Monty's Sportsbar Bar (868) 653-1966 San Fernando
Columbus Snackette Bar (868) 639-8886 Chaguaramas
Daybreak Cafe Bar (868) 637-2233 Trinidad
Down Town Beer Garden Bar (868) 652-2971 San Fernando
East Lime Recreation Club Bar (868) 691-0400 The vicinity of Port of Spain
Globe Cinema Movie Theater (868) 623-1063 Woodbrook
Golden Stars Lounge Lounge (868) 622-6026 Port of Spain
Greystone Lounge Lounge (868) 489-1462 San Fernando
Hobosco Movie Theater (868) 652-4543 San Fernando
House of Flava Lounge Bar (868) 751-6355 San Fernando
Indapa Bar (868) 621-5000 2.1 mi. East-Northeast of Port of Spain
K Mohammed Restaurant & Bar Bar (868) 627-5864 Downtown Port of Spain
Kay Donna Drive In Movie Theater -- 7.2 mi. North of Chaguanas
Little Carib Theatre White & Roberts Sts Movie Theater (868) 622-4644 Woodbrook
Machismo Arcade & Lounge Lounge (868) 652-8596 San Fernando
National Cinema Movie Theater (868) 652-2343 17.8 mi. South of Chaguanas
Nice Times Bar Bar (868) 659-5233 The vicinity of Port of Spain
Oblivion Entertainment Bar (868) 681-4691 San Fernando
Obrien's Beer Garden Bar (868) 662-1631 Valsayn
Palladium Cinema Movie Theater (868) 662-2775 St. Augustine
Persad Gayandeo Bar (868) 668-4839 Sangre Grande
Pier 1 Bar (868) 634-4472 Chaguaramas
Rise Bar (868) 621-5000 2.1 mi. East-Northeast of Port of Spain
Sea View Bar Bar (868) 657-8809 Port of Spain
Silver Circle Bar (868) 676-0395 The vicinity of Port of Spain
Space La Nouba Bar (868) 697-1165 San Fernando
St James Club Bar (868) 622-1940 The vicinity of Port of Spain
Sting Nightclub Night Club (868) 653-4239 San Fernando
The Bight Bar (868) 634-4839 Chaguaramas
V Private Members Club Bar (868) 653-2338 St. James
Waterbaby Bar (868) 621-5000 2.1 mi. East-Northeast of Port of Spain
Wheelhouse Pub Bar (868) 634-2339 Chaguanas
Yacht Club Bar -- 16.7 mi. South of Chaguanas
Zen Bar (868) 624-8201 Port of Spain

Whether you're looking for something to pass the time at night or you love exploring the nightlife of other countries, you don't want to waste a moment of your time asleep on Trinidad and Tobago.


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