What Should You Pack for a Trip to Trinidad?

Planning what to pack for your vacation on Trinidad and Tobago requires a little forethought

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Packing for Trinidad and Tobago

The thing about packing for a vacation on Trinidad and Tobago is that many people make it out to be harder than it actually is.

By taking the time to learn about the weather and determine what clothing would be most appropriate for the activities you will participate in, you'll have a good idea of everything that will need to be put in your luggage.

First and Foremost

Entering Trinidad and Tobago is pretty simple if you plan to stay less than three months; all that is required of you is a passport and a return or ongoing ticket to show customs officials that you plan to exit the islands by a certain date. A smart plan of action would be to make copies of both of these items, as well as your government issued identification card and pack them away in your checked luggage. This way, if the originals are lost or stolen you have a backup.

Keeping cash on hand as you travel from your hometown to Trinidad and Tobago is a good idea. Even though you may prefer to use credit cards when you travel overseas, there is always a chance that the credit card machines will be down, or the place you are at only accepts cash. The official currency on Trinidad and Tobago is the Trinidad and Tobago Dollar.

A few other important things to keep on your person as you travel include prescription slips for any medications that you are bringing with you to the islands, a list of emergency contacts, and paperwork documenting your hotel, rental car, and pre-planned activities reservations.

Read our Important Documents and Money checklist for more information.


The islands in the Caribbean are hot, and Trinidad and Tobago, with their close proximity to the equator, are some of the hottest. This is why it is imperative that you pack clothes that will keep you cool and comfortable. These items come in the form of natural fabrics, such as cotton, and should be light-weight, and light in color. Linen or khaki shorts are preferable for your bottom half, and t-shirts or tank tops will keep you cool up top. Protect your feet by surrounding them in comfortable athletic shoes or hiking boots.

Remember to pack your undergarments, socks, and pajamas, as well. Click here for a list with some more information.

Formal Wear

It is unlikely that you will be required to wear formal clothing at any time during your vacation, unless you have a business meeting, event, or special dinner planned. If you do need something more formal than your day wear, men should pack the following items: collared shirts, slacks, closed toed shoes, and perhaps a sports jacket. For women, a nice pants suit, sun dress, or a cocktail dress with the appropriate jewelry and shoes.

Swim Wear

The beaches of Trinidad and Tobago are hard to resist, and even if you don't care to splash around in the surf, you can hang out at your hotel's pool. For these activities, of course, you will need at least one swimsuit. You may even want to consider bringing more than one. This way you can leave one in your hotel room to dry while you wear the other out for the day.

Your revealing swim wear should not come away from the beach or pool, however. Bring along a cover-up, such as a sarong or cover-up for the times when you need to run into a gift shop or want to grab a bite to eat.

Sun hats, sun glasses, and flip flops or sandals are essential pieces to bring along as well. Don't forget sunscreen!

Toiletries and Health Care

Any item that you consider to be an important part of your daily routine can come with you on your trip. Dental hygiene, hair care products, and other body care items all fall into this category. To save space, pick up travel sized versions of these products, and pack them in a bag specifically for your toiletries so there is no chance they will leak onto your other belongings. Find a checklist of some personal items you will want to bring by clicking here.

Take precaution when it comes to bugs. Mosquitoes can be a problem, so pack bug repellent, as well as hydrocortisone cream or Benadryl to offer relief if you are in fact bit. Read our Medication and Health Items checklist for some ideas.

What Else To Pack

Nights can become chilly on Trinidad and Tobago. A sweater or a wrap are great to have on hand after the sun sets, so be sure to pack something a little warmer than your day clothes. Rain is another issue to be concerned with. A rain jacket, poncho, or umbrella will provide you with the protection you need to enable you to forge ahead with your outdoor exploration efforts.

For your down time, you'll want to bring along something to entertain yourself. Now-a-days electronics are popular choices: e-readers, mp3 players, portable DVD players, laptops, and hand held video game systems are often brought along on vacation. You can also bring a book, journal, deck of cards, or other travel game.

When you bring electronics, remember to pack enough batteries, or the power supply cord with you. Some hotels on Trinidad and Tobago have the same outlets as are common in the United States, while others offer adapters free-of-charge to guests. Call your hotel to find out if you will need to bring your own adapters.

Also, remember to pack your camera, as well as the equipment you need to keep it running and an extra memory card.
One thing you definitely won't want to forget is your camera, and everything you need to keep your camera up and running. An extra memory card is desirable as well. Our Gadgets and Electronics checklist can come in handy when packing.

Packing Concerns

If you are visiting Trinidad and Tobago for an extended period of time, or simply worried about packing too much, consider this trip from travel experts: pack items that are interchangeable, and can be worn a number of ways while still looking fresh. A pair of cloth shorts, for example, will go nicely with a variety of shirts, and a selection of colored shirts can be layered differently each day for a new look.

Some vacationers worry that their luggage will get lost or delayed by the airline when they fly to the island. Although this occurrence is rare, you can arrive prepared for this possibility. Include in your carry on bag one outfit and a swim suit, along with any small, but valuable items, and medications that are necessary for you to take. This way, you will have a few essential items available to you immediately, and you can shop for the rest when you arrive on Trinidad and Tobago.

Attack your suitcase with a plan of action. By determining what activities you'll be participating in, taking the weather into account, and writing out a list of everything you want to have with you, packing for Trinidad and Tobago will be a breeze.


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