Paria Bay

Hikers around the world look forward to the chance to hike to Paria Bay and sharing their stories with anyone who can listen. Without a doubt, Paria Bay is the top hiked destination on Trinidad, and most agree worth every step.

The beach at Paria Bay stretches on for about a half a mile and features soft white sands and an arch formed naturally called Cathedral Rock. Coconut trees line the shores, and to the east is a lagoon where a local river dumps fresh water.

The trek to Paria Bay takes about two hours each way, and along the trail hikers will encounter a number of sites including Turtle Rock, a 50 foot peninsula naturally formed to look like a turtle's head.


Positioned on the island of Trinidad, near Blanchisseuse, Paria Bay happily welcomes local customers and visitors rooming on this part of the island or nearby. Even if you aren't staying very close, you should think about stopping by to check it out. If you're wondering, Chaguanas is to the south west.

It takes about two hours on foot from Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge along the coast to read Paria Bay.

Nearby Restaurants

There are many eateries to select from in the community around this body of water. The closest place to eat to Paria Bay is Cocos Hut Restaurant, which dishes out Caribbean meals. Also within reach, you'll encounter eateries such as Surf's Country Inn and KFC Broadway where you will be able to try out American fare and experience the flavors of Trinidad and Tobago.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors that enjoy bays, and have the energy to view some others, might consider a trip to Madamas Bay and Blanchisseuse Bay; the first is 4.1 miles to the east of this page's natural attraction. Additional nearby attractions include Parva Forest Reserve, which is a mile and a half away Trinidad. You might also think about heading to Blanchisseuses Forest Reserve, which is another nearby attraction.

If you're looking for plenty of activities to keep you or your family busy, take a look at what is closest in the following table.

Attractions Near Paria Bay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Parva Forest Reserve -- 1.7 mi. (33.5 km) S 20.8 mi. Northeast of Chaguanas
Blanchisseuses Forest Reserve -- 3.3 mi. (30.7 km) WSW 19.1 mi. East-Northeast of Port of Spain
Yarra Forest Reserve -- 6.1 mi. (26.4 km) W 16.4 mi. East-Northeast of Port of Spain
ASA Wright Nature Center -- 6.8 mi. (24.5 km) SW 15.2 mi. Northeast of Chaguanas

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Location: Trinidad


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