What Do I Need to enter Trinidad?

Visitors need important documentation to enter the country

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Pack your passport when visiting Trinidad and Tobago

Business travelers, students, and tourists must all carry very specific documentation in order to enter any foreign country, including Trinidad and Tobago. Many visitors will only require a passport and return plane ticket.

Entry Requirements

Business travelers and tourists traveling to Trinidad and Tobago from the United States and the European Union will find that visiting the islands for periods up to three months is relatively easy. Visitors from these areas will not need a visa but are required to produce a valid passport that does not expire within three months of the planned date of departure from Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a return or onward ticket to a destination outside of the country. Travelers who will be staying in the country for more than three months or for reasons other than business or tourism should consult their embassy for information on visas and permits. Due to the 2005 enactied Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, travelers from the United States and North America who wish to re-enter or visit the United States must have a valid passport to do so.

Travelers from countries outside of the United States and the European Union must have passports that are valid for six months past their travel date and a return plane ticket. Two visa applications, available at http://www.gov.tt/services/, along with two recent passport photos, must be submitted. Business travelers must also produce an official company letter explaining their travel.

Getting Hitched

Couples who are planning on getting married on Trinidad and Tobago will also need to produce several important documents to receive clearance to marry. Travelers must have passports and airline tickets, and both must be on Trinidad and Tobago for a full three days before the planned wedding ceremony. Marriage participants should also be able to produce documents proving name change, divorce, or death of a former spouse. Licenses and certificates cost about $55(USD). For current information on getting married on Trinidad and Tobago, contact:

Contact Contact Information
Registrar General's Office, Trinidad Registrar House
72 - 74 South Quay
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Warden's Office, Tobago Inland Revenue Bldg
Sangster's Hill
Scarborough, Tobago
Registrar General's Office, Tobago Jerningham St
Scarborough, Tobago

Any travelers arriving at Trinidad and Tobago from a yellow-fever area within a five-day time period must have a vaccination certificate.

Whether you are traveling for business, romance, or tourism, preparing your documents to enter Trinidad and Tobago should be easy and well worth the effort.


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