Restaurants on Trinidad

Restaurants on Trinidad represent a variety of cultures

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Restaurants on Trinidad and Tobago

While restaurants may not be easy to come by in undeveloped and less traveled parts of the islands, Trinidad's restaurants showcases international and local cuisine.

Many cultures have effected island cuisine. Large populations of residents who come from other parts of the world have settled on Trinidad and brought with them many different kinds of foods. Chinese food, for example, is widely available and popular, as is Indian food. The Spanish controlled Trinidad until the end of the 18th century, and Spanish influences can still be tasted in local cuisine. When you throw in African and indigenous Caribbean culinary influences, you wind up with a very flavorful way of cooking. To learn about all of Trinidad and culinary treats, visit our guide to Culinary Styles on the islands.  Fast food establishments and street and beach vendors remain one of the most popular ways to get a meal on the island. Vendors should have food badges declaring that they comply with health regulations.

Restaurants on Trinidad are largely unpretentious and located in old houses and buildings along the ocean or in tourist areas. Beachwear is never considered appropriate in most restaurants in the Caribbean. Dinner dress generally consists of trousers and a collared or button-down shirt for men, and informal dresses for women. Travelers should be comfortable and casual but neat while enjoying the delicious food of the islands. Travelers who have business in restaurants meetings may want to call ahead to check on dress codes.

Reservations in upscale restaurants, tourist areas, and in Port of Spain are always recommended during high season, and in the busy time around Carnival. Although reservations are needed at some restaurants, street vendors and bake stands allow hungry travelers to eat on a whim. Check out our Restaurant Directory to search restaurants by name, or if you are interested in a particular cuisine, click here to find contact information.

If you are still undecided where to stay, you can learn about restaurants at specific hotels in several ways. First, consider visiting our article listing the Best Hotels for Dining Options. Or, select hotels that interest you from our extensive list (A to Z: Hotels in Detail), and read about their restaurants, as well as other nearby dining options within our detailed discussion of each property.

On top of taxes, restaurants generally add a 10 to 15 percent service charge to your check. If this service charge is not included, a tip equal to this amount is considered appropriate. For travelers who feel they have received exceptional service, an extra percentage is recommended and appreciated.

Dining can be an important and memorable part of any trip to the Caribbean. The flavors and restaurants on Trinidad represent a number of cultures throughout the world and give vacationers an opportunity to relax in peaceful and quiet environments while enjoying the cuisine.

Restaurants By Cuisine
Cuisine Restaurants Locations
American 36 Restaurants Chaguanas, Woodbrook, St. James, Montrose, Sangre Grande, Arima, Chaguaramas, San Juan, San Fernando, Port of Spain, downtown Port of Spain, Trinidad, Siparia, the vicinity of Port of Spain, Valsayn
Asian 3 Restaurants downtown Port of Spain, the vicinity of Port of Spain
Asian Fusion 1 Restaurant downtown Port of Spain
Brazilian 1 Restaurant Port of Spain
Caribbean 19 Restaurants St. Ann's, Woodbrook, Cascade, Claxton Bay, Chaguaramas, Blanchisseuse, Maracas Bay, Port of Spain, downtown Port of Spain, Trinidad, the vicinity of Port of Spain, San Fernando, Valsayn
Chinese 48 Restaurants Chaguanas, San Fernando, Mac Bean, Green Turtle Cay, Princes Town, St. Clair, Arima, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Debe, Trinidad, Valsayn, Siparia, the vicinity of Port of Spain, Maraval
Creole 2 Restaurants Woodbrook, downtown Port of Spain
French 2 Restaurants St. James, Port of Spain
Fusion 3 Restaurants Woodbrook, Maracas Bay, Port of Spain
Indian 5 Restaurants Chaguanas, Woodbrook, San Fernando, downtown Port of Spain, Maraval
International 26 Restaurants Chaguanas, Woodbrook, Maracas Bay, Cascade, Claxton Bay, Chaguaramas, San Fernando, Port of Spain, Trinidad, the vicinity of Port of Spain, Maraval
Italian 32 Restaurants Montrose, Woodbrook, St. Augustine, Sangre Grande, Gasparillo, San Juan, St. Ann's, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Valsayn, San Fernando, the vicinity of Port of Spain
Jamaican 1 Restaurant San Fernando
Japanese 3 Restaurants Woodbrook, the vicinity of Port of Spain
Mediterranean 1 Restaurant St. Ann's
Middle Eastern 2 Restaurants Woodbrook, Maraval
Polynesian 1 Restaurant downtown Port of Spain
Tex-Mex 3 Restaurants Woodbrook, Port of Spain, the vicinity of Port of Spain
Thai 2 Restaurants Chaguanas, Belmont
Trinidadian 2 Restaurants Woodbrook, Trinidad
Contemporary 1 Restaurant downtown Port of Spain
Eclectic 5 Restaurants Chaguanas, Woodbrook, the vicinity of Port of Spain, downtown Port of Spain, Maraval

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