Indian Cuisine on Trinidad

Almost everywhere on Trinidad and Tobago, expect to have the privilege of deciding between a great number of places to dine. When your preference is Indian food, you should take note of the restaurants known for these fun flavors. Easily browse the variety of Indian foods available on Trinidad and Tobago at the dining options detailed here.

Your plate will be full of choices, from the very casual atmosphere at Frankie's Restaurant to the lovely dinner service at Palki Restaurant, it really is possible to find the dish worthy of multiple plates-full.

The following list allows you to get a taste for the selection of restaurants on Trinidad and Tobago where the focus is on Indian food. Click on one of the options to view more information about its dress code, food, or even nearby attractions.

Frankie's Restaurant

Woodbrook, Trinidad | (868) 622-6609

Located in Woodbrook, northwest of downtown Port of Spain, Frankie's Restaurant is a good choice for guests who are going to check out this neighborhood. The style of service at this awesome bar and grill is considered casual, so travelers can really sit back and enjoy good conversation as they have mouthfuls of Indian food.


Downtown Port of Spain, Trinidad | (868) 623-7659

Positioned in downtown Port of Spain, Apsara is a viable choice worth considering if you're thinking about visiting this neighborhood or the surrounding area. Guests who crave Indian cuisine should definitely check out restaurants like Apsara. Consider this an easy option if this type of cuisine is a must.

Beautiful artwork by a local painter graces the restaurant walls and depicts the artist's interpretation of modern Moghul works of art. Terra cotta décor is classy and contemporary while projecting both an inviting and warm feeling. With the heavenly exotic aroma of authentic Indian food, your mouth will be watering in anticipation of the meal to come.

Passage To Asia

Chaguanas, Trinidad | (868) 672-2701

Located near the heart of Chaguanas, Passage To Asia is at 7 St Yves Street. For times that call for a laid-back atmosphere while indulging in a good plate of Indian fare, stop by this local option which is a very casual establishment.

Rasam Restaurant

Maraval, Trinidad | (868) 645-0994

Rasam Restaurant is on Grand Bazaar. If you're wondering, Port of Spain is easily reached by taxi to the south-southwest. You certainly don't want to pass up Maraval for a mouth-watering helping of the specialty, chicken.

Palki Restaurant

San Fernando, Trinidad | (868) 652-1239

Palki Restaurant is found within Trinidad. Hoping to indulge a bit on desserts during your stay? No matter your expectations for dining, you might discover that dining here is the one thing you both agree on.

Sometimes, the most exciting places to try any cuisine on Trinidad and Tobago are those you didn't expect to find yourself craving while walking around during the day. But, having a couple of interesting-sounding restaurants on a checklist, means even your fall-back options are good ones. To learn more information concerning the types of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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