Sailing and Boating Near Trinidad

Sailing and yachting are fun activities while on vacation

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Geography and location have made the waters surrounding Trinidad and Tobago popular sailing and yachting spots for vacationers seeking fun on the sea. Most insurance companies require boats to spend the hurricane season in locations south of latitude 12 degrees. Trinidad and Tobago are located at latitude 10.5 and 11 degrees North, so while in their waters, boaters usually don't have to worry about their insurance.

Boat Trips and Day Sailing

Before we discuss the various options for sailors or those looking for charters, there are options for the average tourists looking for a fun activity without much of a hassle. For these visitors, day sails and excursions are the way to go. These trips are usually preplanned and sold as packages by the company, and all you do is go along for the ride. Trips can be centered on activities (like diving or beach hopping) or focused on visiting different locations.

If you want to spend a few hours on the water, without the complications and cost involved with renting a boat you can take an excursion. Wanting to know more about taking a boat ride? See the chart below to obtain contact information for area day sailing companies.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location Island
Trinidad Charters (868) 771-2461 Coral Cove Marina - Chaguaramas Trinidad

Boat Rentals and Charters

Charter brokers can help you make many important decisions about your charter, including finding the right crew for your trip. Charter brokers represent the owner of the yacht and help find both crewed and bareboat charters. Having a crew that fits your needs is important to the enjoyment of your charter. You will want to have a crew that is both knowledgeable and with personalities that fit your style. Charter brokers are available at no extra cost because they are paid by the charter companies.

Contemplating renting a charter boat? The following chart indicates how to get a hold of area charter companies.

Charter and Rental Services
Name Phone Location
Calypso Marine Services (868) 634-4551 Western Main Rd Chag - Chaguaramas
I M S Yacht Services (868) 625-2104 First Avenue - Chaguanas
Oceanfreight Trinidad Ltd (868) 625-3835 Woodbrook
Pier 1 (868) 634-4472 Pier 1 Marina - 5.2 mi. (8.4 km) West-Northwest of Port of Spain

There are two types of charter companies you will be able to choose from when getting a charter boat: large and small. The larger charter companies provide more guarantees than the smaller one. If this is you first charter, you should probably work with a larger company in case the boat you originally wanted is not available. Unlike a small company, a large company will be able to provide a boat that is almost the same if not larger at no extra cost. If you're not sure about what kind of charter is right for you or you have questions about a particular charter company, a charter broker can assist you in finding the right charter for you.

Another way to choose a charter company is by tier. There are two tiers of charter companies. First tier charter companies have the newest boats, which are stocked with the most current and up-to-date equipment and technology. The boats found at first tier companies are about 4 to 5 years old or younger and have only been used by that first tier company. Second tier companies often acquire their boats from the fleets of first tier companies. The ships at second tier companies are usually more affordable than first tiers, but they may not have all the technological extras like CD players and cellular phones.


With recent improvements in docking facilities, sailing and yachting marinas have become some of the best places for boating in the Eastern Caribbean. Seamen are attracted to the island because of its safe harbors and the area's location outside the hurricane belt. The main ports on Trinidad are Chaguanas and the Port of Spain, a commercial port where yachters only stop during times of emergency. The main ports on Tobago are Charlottesville and Scarborough.

To dock at these ports, boaters must go through some basic clearance requirements. On Trinidad, sailors should land on port Chaguaramas, where entry formalities can be completed. Boaters are required to present a clearance-out certificate from the last port they visited when docking in Chaguaramas. For any questions or marina information on Trinidad, boaters can call the customs office at 868-634-4341 or contact immigration at 868-634-4341 on the island. On Tobago, sailboats and yachts can gain clearance at the Charlottesville port, which has protected anchorage.

Thinking about traveling to Trinidad using your own vessel, or one you charter elsewhere? This next chart provides a quick summary of places where you might be able to dock.

Name Phone Location
Coral Cove Marina (868) 634-2040 Western Main Road - Chaguaramas
Crews Inn Marina (868) 634-4384 Crews Inn - Chaguaramas
Ims Yacht Services -- Chaguaramas
Pier 1 Marina (868) 634-4472 Dale Ramsumair - 5.2 mi. (8.4 km) West-Northwest of Port of Spain
Power Boat Mutual Facilities Ltd (868) 634-4303 Chaguaramas
Power Boat Mutual Facilities Ltd (868) 634-4303 Chaguaramas
San Fernando Yacht Club (868) 652-3937 Hubert Rance Street - San Fernando
Sweetwater Marina Ltd (The Lure) (868) 634-2773 2 Stella Maris Drive - Chaguaramas
Tardieu Marine Ltd (868) 634-4534 110 Western Main Road - Port of Spain
The Marina in Chaguaramas (868) 634-4183 Point Gourge - Chaguaramas
Trinidad & Tobago Yacht Club (868) 633-7420 Bayshore Point - Port of Spain
Tropical Marine (868) 634-4502 Western Main Road - Chaguaramas

Both Trinidad and Tobago hold annual boating events and regattas, which are popular among vacationers. One of the most exciting and popular events is Carnival, during which vacationers may spend weeks exploring the waters off the shores of Trinidad and Tobago. Many travelers charter yachts and sailboats for water excursions, and the waters tend to get somewhat crowded during this time of year, so be sure to make any necessary boating arrangements before your vacation. For any questions and information on sailing and yachting on the islands, boaters can contact the Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association at P.O. Box 3140, Carenage Post Office, Trinidad West Indies, or by phone at 868-634-4210 or 868-634-4519 on the island.

Nearby Anchorages
Location Latitude Longitude
Carenage Bay - 6.0 mi. (9.6 km) West of Port of Spain 10.6809676743 -61.6207695007
Chaguaramas 10.6791381679 -61.6345882416

Chartering a yacht or sailing yourself is a great way to explore the waters of Trinidad and Tobago.


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