Wanna Talk on Trinidad?

Making a phone call while on vacation is generally hassle-free

Photo credit: © Anke Van Wyk | Dreamstime.com

You don't have to feel disconnected during your vacation. Trinidad and Tobago have a sleepy natural beauty, but the tropical islands are also technologically up-to-date with advanced communications systems.

Telephones are available all over Trinidad and Tobago and at most hotels and guesthouses. The area code on the islands is 868, which also happens to spell out "TNT" on the key pad. To call Trinidad from the United States and Canada, dial 1 and the area code. The country code is the same as the are code for travelers calling from other countries. Placing a local call on both islands is as easy as dialing the seven-digit number.

Vacationers should be able to place international calls from most hotels and resorts, most of which will allow you to place a direct international call. Many hotels charge hefty fees for overseas calls, so you may want to invest in a calling card, especially if you plan to make several international phone calls.

To place a call from Trinidad or Tobago to the United States or Canada, dial 1, the area code, and the number. Travelers calling Europe or any other country should check the appropriate direct-dial codes in the phone directory in order to place a call. The country code for the United States and Canada is 1; Australia, 61; New Zealand, 64; and the United Kingdom, 44.

To use a pay phone on either of the islands, you will have to purchase a companion card, which allows you to make calls from any pay phone on Trinidad and Tobago, including from your hotel. Companion cards are available at most shops and can be purchased in a variety of denominations. Cellular phones also work on the islands, as well as Internet service.


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