How Then Shall We Tip on Trinidad?

Tipping is a good way to show appreciation for a service well done

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On Trinidad and Tobago, tipping is considered a gesture of kindness and gratitude for a service well done. Most on the islands do not expect vacationers to tip, but if you choose to, your gesture will be welcomed warmly.

You will require the services of waiters, cab drivers, and hotel personnel while enjoying your vacation. The prices on Trinidad and Tobago are generally lower than the rest of the islands in the Caribbean, where tipping and gratuity is often a part of their tradition. Accommodations and restaurant prices are extremely affordable, and many dining establishments have prices that cater to local incomes, which are low, rather than higher.

While staying in any of Trinidad and Tobago's hotels or resorts, you will be required to pay a government tax of 15 percent along with a 10 percent service charge, which will be added to your final bill. Housekeepers and bellhops may not expect a tip for their service, but just because it isn't obligatory doesn't mean it isn't appreciated.

Most restaurants also add a 10 percent service charge to bills, which is standard on both islands. If this charge is not applied to your final bill, you are not required to tip, but a gratuity is encouraged, and a tip of 15 percent is the usual amount given. If your waiter has done a particularly good job, you may want to be more generous.

Vacationers should negotiate the fare of their taxi cab ride before setting off. Fares may or may not include gratuity. Most drivers don't expect a tip, but you should consider the length of your cab journey as well as whether your driver acted as a tour guide. There is no expected amount or percentage that should be given, but if you received good service, leave the driver a few extra dollars.

Vacationers can show their appreciation for services they receive on the island by leaving a generous tip, which is not expected but is always greatly appreciated.



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