Transportation Options for Trinidad

Vacationers can enjoy seeing the island by several means of transportation

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Several options for transportation make it easy to get to and around Trinidad. Travelers can choose between cruising, sailing, or flying - and then explore the region by ferry, cab, rental car, or bus.

Air Travel

The most popular and convenient way to get to Trinidad is by air. Airports located on the island have scheduled flights to and from most parts of the world. If you are flying into Trinidad, you will arrive at Piarco International Airport near the island's capital, Port of Spain. There are several airlines that have direct flights out of the United States, Canada, the U.K., and other islands in the Caribbean. To learn some specifics about flying into the island, click here.


While sailing a private yacht is not the most popular method of transportation, there are a number of things that make sailing to Trinidad preferable. First, it's location below the "hurricane belt" drives insurance costs down, and make yachters feel more comfortable making the trip during hurricane season. Second, the dual island nation has made great strides in improving their docking facilities in recent years, making it one of the best places to dock in the Eastern Caribbean.

Trinidad's main ports are Chaguanas and Port of Spain, both of which are popular tourist destinations and have a lot to offer. At any location, you'll need to be familiar with all of the entry requirements and fees. Read all about them here.


Vacationers can also sit back and enjoy a luxury cruise en route to Trinidad. Traveling is just as enjoyable as arriving at your destination, and the two islands are increasingly included on cruise routes. There are several ports on both Trinidad where cruise ships may dock though Port of Spain is the most frequently used. This is a great places to dock because of the ability for cruisers to participate in duty free shopping, eat in local restaurants, and find important landmarks is increased due to the high tourism these city's typically see even without cruise ship passengers. Click here to find out more about cruising to Trinidad.

Rental Cars

For travelers who appreciate their independence and who like to be mobile on a moment's notice, several rental car companies located on the islands can supply you with your own wheels. This option is a little more expensive than some of the other methods of transportation, but renting a car can allow you to create your own vacation on your own schedule and at your own speed.

Click here for more rental car information.

Bikes and Mopeds

A less expensive way to get around independently is to rent a bike or moped. Travelers can experience all the natural beauty of Trinidad's great outdoors while enjoying the mobility and self sufficiency that bikes and mopeds have to offer. Bike-centric tours of the islands are available regularly, and for those who like to go it alone, there are numerous bike trails of different skill levels known for their whimsical names.


Taxis are also relatively simple to find and are a good way to leave the driving to someone else. You can find taxi cabs almost anywhere on the island, including airports, cruise ports, and hotels. Taxi cab drivers can also act as tour guides and will happily show you the sites and attractions of Trinidad for an extra cost. More information on taxis can be found here.


For traveling long distances on Trinidad, tourists may find that riding the bus is the best way to traverse the island. Buses are generally reliable and easy to use because the color coding of each bus corresponds to its destination. Bus travel is also a great way to experience local culture. The wide availability of buses makes them a convenient for vacationers to see and experience the island. Find out more about buses buses.


Due to the fact that Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island nation, most tourists are relieved to discover that ferry transportion is available between the two islands. This means that guests have the opportunity to explore each island with lowered transportation costs, and have a bit of an adventure along the way. Inter-island ferries are available every day of the week except for Saturday, and even have large enough cargo holds that rental cars can be transported as well.

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Traveling around Trinidad should be an enjoyable part of your vacation. Consider your traveling needs to decide which form of transportation is best for you.


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