What's Near Karibea Camelia Residence

Nearby Beaches

Anse Mitan

Arguably some of the best places of interest on Martinique are the beaches. Here, you shouldn't be too far from multiple options.

The various characteristics of each coastal spot on Martinique have the potential to affect your visit. The choices in the following table are those found nearest to Karibea Camelia Residence. Click the names below to view a detailed page:

Beaches Near Karibea Camelia
Beach Distance Direction Location
Anse Mitan 1.6 NW L'Anse Mitan
Pointe du Bout 1.8 NW Pointe du Bout
Anse-a-l'Ane 2.1 W The vicinity of Trois Ilets
Anse Noire 3.6 W 3.6 mi. West of Trois Ilets
Anse Dufour 3.8 W 3.8 mi. West of Trois Ilets
Grand Anse d'Arlet 4.1 SW Grand Anse-d'Arlets
Diamond Beach 4.8 S 1.5 mi. South West of Diamant
La Francaise 4.9 NNW Downtown Forte de France

The most obvious one to visit is Anse Mitan. Since you can find this beach approximately a mile and a half to the northwest of this hotel, your group won't have to journey far to find a place to sit by the water. Swimming and snorkeling are available at Anse Mitan, but beware of the deep water. The golden beaches are perfect for sunbathing, however.

Nearby Areas

Paying a visit to the towns or communities located closest to your hotel can add to the enjoyment of your vacation, whether you're marveling at the region's untouched natural beauty, or talking to some locals about their way of life. Karibea Camelia Residence is located near the heart of Trois Ilets.

The areas found closest to Karibea Camelia Residence are listed below.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Pointe du Bout 1.7 NW
L'Anse Mitan 1.9 NW
Anses-d'Arlets 3.6 SW
Riviere Salee 3.9 E
Diamant 4.0 S
downtown Diamant 4.1 S
Grand Anse-d'Arlets 4.1 SW
Ducos 4.7 NE

Nearby Attractions


Vacationers who want to enjoy plenty of activities while visiting Martinique will find that Karibea Camelia Residence makes the perfect place to start a busy day. You will find that this particular region boasts plenty of places for travelers to explore, such as La Savane des Esclaves, Dauphins Martinique, and Mangofil. The nearest attraction of the three is La Savane des Esclaves.

If these attractions don't interest you, you'll find a number of other choices nearby; the closest to this property are named in the following table.

Attractions Near Karibea Camelia
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
La Savane des Esclaves Historical Site -- -- Trois Ilets
Dauphins Martinique Dolphin Encounter Service -- -- Trois Ilets
Mangofil Zip Line Site -- -- Trois Ilets
Maison de la Canne Museum 0.2 NW Trois Ilets
Musée de la Pagerie Museum -- -- The vicinity of Trois Ilets
David Dauphins Dolphin Encounter Service -- -- The vicinity of Trois Ilets
Planete Dauphins Dolphin Encounter Service 2.1 W The vicinity of Trois Ilets
Fort St. Louis Historical Site 4.7 NNW Fort de France
Sante du Morne Cabri Park Park 4.7 N 3.2 mi. East of Fort de France
La Savane Park Park 5.0 NNW Downtown Forte de France
Pre-Colombian Archaeological and Prehistory Museum of Martinique Museum -- -- Downtown Forte de France
Musee Departemental de la Martinique Museum -- -- Martinique
Schoelcher Library Historical Site 5.1 NNW Downtown Forte de France
Pavillon Bougenot Historical Site -- -- Downtown Forte de France
Ethnography History Museum of Martinique Museum -- -- Downtown Forte de France
Fontaine Mackau Monument 5.2 NNW Downtown Forte de France
Theatre Aimé Césaire Historical Site -- -- Downtown Forte de France
Cap 110 Monument 5.2 S 1.8 mi. South West of Diamant
Fontaine Gueydon Historical Site -- -- Downtown Forte de France
Place de l'Abbie Gregoire Park 5.6 NNW Fort de France
Trois Rivieres Historic Distillery Distillery -- -- Trois Rivieres
Schelcher Park Park 7.0 NW Schoelcher
Habitation Clement Distillery 9.6 ENE 9.6 mi. East-Northeast of Trois Ilets
Balata Botanical Gardens Botanical Garden 10.0 NNW 4.8 mi. North-Northwest of Fort de France
Écomusée de la Martinique Museum 9.9 SE 7.9 mi. East of Diamant

If you're on the lookout for an enjoyable experience, La Savane des Esclaves might be just right for you. Unfortunately, Martinique did not escape the horrors of slavery and it shaped the history of the island in a deep and profound way. You can learn all about it at this restored village which traces the path of slavery on Martinique.


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