Restaurant Options in Trois Ilets

French, Caribbean, and American cuisine are the top three choices of cuisine in Trois Ilets.  Restaurants here range from small seaside bistros to elegant establishments but almost all feature an open air setting.  

Caribbean and Local

For those vacationers who enjoy trying out exciting new foods that are unique to the areas they visit, Trois Ilets has at least a few genuinely local choices to pick from. Since Caribbean and other similar styles have features from so many different cultures and culinary styles, even the pickiest eaters will find something they'll enjoy at such restaurants. Don't forget that you'll be able to read additional details regarding each of the options on the page by using the links.

Le Kano is a bar and grill located in the heart of Trois Ilets. Operating hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Le Jardin Des Envies is a great restaurant in the vicinity you might try. The restaurant is open for lunch Monday through Saturday, but also for dinner on Friday and Saturday night. Brunch is a favorite, available from 9:00 a.m. To reach them, call (069) 910-3400.

The table down below collects the 5 relevant choices you can visit inside Trois Ilets.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Trois Ilets
Name Location Type Phone Number
Chez Geo Central Trois Ilets Creole (059) 668-1060
La Villa Créole Central Trois Ilets Creole (059) 666-0553
Le Green Central Trois Ilets Creole (059) 668-3801
Le Jardin Des Envies Central Trois Ilets Creole (069) 910-3400
Le Kano Central Trois Ilets Creole (059) 678-4033

European and Asian

Vacationers will be able to chose from at least a few European options in the region, but you shouldn't expect to find very many options for Asian dining. Alongside French cuisine, you'll also be able to find Greek and Italian options.

Le Bistro d'en Face is a restaurant found within the heart of Trois Ilets. In the spirit of the typical French bistro, Le Bistro d'en Face takes things a step further by also hosting a well stocked bar and an environment where guests feel comfortable mingling while the drink and snack.

Il Gallo Rosso offers a couple of different specialties to enjoy, including pasta and pizza. Everything it made to order in the kitchen by Antonio, who uses fresh ingredients to create a pizza ike you've never experienced before. They're located on Avenue Impératrice Joséphine.

Kaza Kebab: Grab lunch and dinner from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. For customers who want to call before booking a room, you can do so at (069) 607-9892.

Although there are very few relevant restaurants available within Trois Ilets, you can find out more about them from table found just below.

European and Asian Restaurants in Trois Ilets
Name Location Type Phone Number
Il Gallo Rosso Central Trois Ilets Italian (059) 638-7957
Kaza Kebab Central Trois Ilets Greek (069) 607-9892
Le Bistro d'en Face Central Trois Ilets French (059) 673-0387

American and Other

In addition to some familiar mealtime options, you'll also be able to try some Brazilian and International dishes.

Le Corsaire is a local bar and grill situated in the heart of Trois Ilets. A casual spot to stop for great local food, Le Corsaire is known for their friendly service and fresh fare. If you have questions, try calling them at (059) 666-1585.

Although there are only a few relevant dining options available within Trois Ilets, you can learn more about them in the table found below.

American and Other Restaurants in Trois Ilets
Name Location Type Phone Number
Le Copacabana Central Trois Ilets Brazilian (059) 666-0892
Le Corsaire Central Trois Ilets American (059) 666-1585
Le Nomade Central Trois Ilets International (059) 666-0309

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