Boating and Sailing Near Trois Ilets

Trois Ilets is within easy reach of Martinique's sailing center

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A growing yachting industry, numerous annual events, and gorgeous sailing conditions makes Trois Ilets and the rest of Martinique a top destination for sailors these days.  Even if you don't have the skills to sail yourself, but just love being out on open water, there is opportunity for you to enjoy the sea here. 

Boat Trips and Day Sailing

Thanks to its location on the bay, Trois Ilets is a top destination for visitors who want to hire a local sailor to take them out on the sea.  You'll find catamarans to be the most popular vessel of choice, and you can book half day, full day, and even overnight sails.  

If you are just wanting to get out onto the water, without the cost and complications involved with renting a boat you can join an excursion. Take a look at the chart that follows for information on area day sailing companies.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location
Kata Mambo (069) 625-2316 Somatras Marina - Pointe du Bout
La Belle Kréole (059) 654-9557 Le Francois
La Créole Cata (059) 666-1023 Pointe du Bout
Matinik Croisieres (069) 617-5742 24 lot les Deux Mers - Trois Ilets
Ykeva Day Tours (069) 606-2039 3 Rue Schoelcher - Trois Ilets

Boat Rentals and Charters

If you're a skilled sailor, you also have the option of chartering a boat for a few hours to a few days and  sailing yourself around the island – but you'll need to make your credentials known.  There is one charter company located in Trois Ilets, and several others around the island that you'll be able to choose from. 

Starting to research chartering a boat? The following chart indicates how to reach charter services that operating in this area.

Charter and Rental Services
Name Phone Location
Aliotis Plongee (069) 690-4025 Trois Ilets
Association Hublot (069) 677-2948 Le Marin
Bwa Drésé (069) 626-2646 Le Robert
Coteauvent (069) 639-5221 Pointe Courchet Nord - Le Francois


Although Trois Ilets is not an official port of entry for yachters to sail into, it is near enough to Fort de France that it is still a great destination to choose.  In order to gain clearance you need the registration paperwork for your boat (original copy only) and a passport for every person aboard.  Your time spent with customs an immigration should be minimal, and then you'll be free to head to your desired marina.

Do you plan to sail to Trois Ilets in your own vessel, or a boat you charter elsewhere? This next chart lists nearby marinas.

Name Location
Le Ponton Marina Pointe du Bout
Marina De Cohe 3.7 mi. (6.0 km) East of Fort de France
Somatras Marina Pointe du Bout

A quick sail across the bay, a few hours going around the entire island, or several days at sea.  Each is a possibility if you're yearning to do some sailing on your Trois Ilets getaway. 


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