Snorkeling Around Trois Ilets

The waters of Trois Ilets benefit from the shelter of Fort de France Bay giving visitors plenty of great spots for snorkeling.

Martinique's snorkeling conditions will vary depending on where you are.  The east coast is known for having the best sites, while the area near Diamante is not recommended because of the strong currents.  Trois Ilets is in another snorkeling sweet spot, where you can take your gear to any beach and find at least a few good things to study, be is sea grass filled with tiny brightly colored fish, or some healthy coral beds.  Warm waters with temperatures above 80 degrees at almost all times makes the sport even more agreeable.

When you inquire about snorkeling in Trois Ilets, you'll find that most guided tours head over to Anse Dufour and Bat Cave in Fort de France.  There are more dive shops in the area than snorkeling operators, but some of them will let snorkelers ride along on the boat for a reduced rate.  This is also where you'll turn to rent a snorkeling kit if you don't bring your own along for the trip.  This will usually cost between $15 and $20(USD).  

Snorkeling Sites

If you want to explore below the water's surface you should consider a visit to Anse Noire. The only black sand beach on the island is a great snorkeling destination because of the sea beds that are quite lovely and a nice home for other marine life that lives here. This snorkeling site is located easily reached by taxi West of central Trois Ilets.

Anse Dufour is another place you might enjoy. This beach is sheltered enough to promote almost constantly calm conditions, but it is the possible sea turtle sightings that make it such a popular spot for snorkelers.

A third site to consider is Grand Anse d'Arlet. Known for being one of the best snorkeling beaches on the island, this locale can get busy on the weekends. Visit during the week for a more secluded feel and you may just be able to spot a sea turtle or two.

The following chart summarizes a few details regarding 5 of the best places to go snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Trois Ilets
Site Location
Point du Bout Eastern Bay Pointe du Bout, 1.6 mi. Northwest of Central Trois Ilets
Anse Mitan Pointe du Bout, 1.7 mi. Northwest of Central Trois Ilets
Anse Noire 3.7 mi. West of Central Trois Ilets
Anse Dufour 3.9 mi. West of Central Trois Ilets
Grand Anse d'Arlet Grand Anse-d'Arlets, 4.2 mi. South West of Central Trois Ilets

Snorkeling Boat Trips

Some people believe the most enjoyable snorkeling is experienced away from the shore.

If you want to go snorkeling during a boating adventure, you can check with Ykeva Day Tours. There are two day boat trips: Mount Pelee and Diamond Rock. When you embark on a journey to Mount Pelee, you will search for dolphins and enjoy the colonial culture of the surrounding area.

A few details with regard to day sails and boat trips that offer snorkeling are provided directly below.

Day Sails and Boat Trips In Trois Ilets
Name Phone Location
Matinik Croisieres (069) 617-5742 Central Trois Ilets
Ykeva Day Tours (069) 606-2039 Central Trois Ilets

Snorkeling Services

A few details about a place that provides services of interest to snorkelers is listed in the following table.

Snorkeling Services Near Trois Ilets
Name Type Phone Location Island
Attitude Plongée Snorkeling Snorkeling Tour Operator (069) 672-5928 Pointe du Bout, 1.8 mi. Northwest of Central Trois Ilets Martinique

For more information concerning snorkeling, including tips and suggestions for both "old pros" and beginners, check out this exhaustive Caribbean snorkeling page.

Visitors will be excited to know that they are within easy reach of several great snorkeling sites.  Some are close to shore while others require a boat ride – whichever types of sites you favor, just make sure to get out and see what is waiting for you underneath the sea in Trois Ilets


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