Transportation Options for Trois Ilets

Find out what it takes to get you to and around Trois Ilets

Perhaps known as the town where Josephine, Napoleon Bonaparte's wife, was born, Trois Ilets is a top resort area, featuring nice restaurants and a casino in addition to numerous cultural attractions.  Many tourists travel here with plans to stick to their resort and don't think to plan for ground transportation, but end up needing to make arrangements in the long run.  You can avoid having to make last minute arrangements by reviewing the available options and even booking transport before you arrive.

Air Travel

Not far from Trois Ilets in Fort de France is where the island's international airport is located.  Aimé Césaire Airport is a modern facility that welcomes flights from around the world on a daily basis.  Even so, it can be hard to book a direct flight unless you know where to look.  For a complete list of airlines that travel to this island and where they fly from, read our guide to Trois Ilets Air Travel.


Trois Ilets is a great destination for both experienced yachters and those who perhaps don't have the ability to sail themselves.  There are a few marinas in the area nearby, as well as a collection of companies which offer boat excursion.  Find out all the different ways you can plan to sail by clicking sailing


There are two different cruise ports on Martinique, and both of them are located in Fort de France. The primary one is the Pointe Simon Cruise Dock in the middle of town..  Thanks to the ferry services you can read about below, cruisers can easily make their day ashore about exploring Trois Ilets. 

Rental Cars

When you rent a car in Trois Ilets there are two different types of contracts to be aware of.  One that allows for unlimited mileage, and another that charges you by the mile.  How much you plan to drive will help you decide which option is best for you.  Learn all about it by clicking here


There are more pros than cons with regards to taxi services in Trois Ilets, but the one con is a big one: the price.  Rates are extremely high for the region, and it is rare to spend less than $25(USD) to take a cab.  Still, the experience of taking a cab here is one of luxury and many believe it is worth the expense.  Everything you need to know about this service can be found here


Buses in Trois Ilets are mini buses called Taxi Collectifs.  You'll recognize them on the streets because they are marked with a “TC” on their license plates, and they make stops at the bus stops marked with blue signs with white buses on them.  You'll spend anywhere from five to nine Euros depending on where you are going and the route is listed on the side of each bus, however, this is not the most reliable form of transportation.  Click here for more about buses in Trois Ilets.  


Ferries are important in Trois Ilets, with one that travels to Fort de France throughout the day for $6(USD) each way.  Because of this ferry, you can also easily connect to the international ferries with L'Express des Iles and Channel Shuttle, which allow for trips to Dominica, St. Lucia, and Guadeloupe several times a week for between $77 and $135(USD) round trip. 

The more you know about the transportation options available in Trois Ilets, the better prepared you can be to sink into a relaxing getaway on this French-speaking, Caribbean-feeling island. 


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