Beaches in Tulum

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Tulum is known for long stretches of uninterrupted beaches which feature soft, powder-white sand and calm waters.  Although this is a popular tourist destination, the beaches are never over-crowded since they are so spacious, and many of the private areas backed by resorts have lounge chairs and cabanas for guests to take advantage of and non-guests to pay to use. 

The Area's Beaches

You will discover a large number of beaches to choose from in and around the area. For more information concerning any of these beaches click on the names of the ones you would like to learn about

Tulum Mayan Ruins Beach

Playa Chacal: Chacala is one of the most underdeveloped beaches along the coast. Aside from a resort property, the beach is void of any excess. Visitors who head to this shore are doing so in order to escape the pressures of daily life and enjoy a day of seclusion in a tropical paradise.

Another location to consider is Playa Akumal. Blinding white sand powders the shore of Playa Akumal, which is lined with palm trees. As visitors sit ashore and look out over the sea they are awarded an expanse of clear topaz waters dotted with sail boats.

Half Moon Bay Beach: A small protected inlet that keeps waters calm and supports a rich underwater marine habitat, Half Moon Bay Beach is a great spot for snorkeling, but it is quiet and relaxing enough that you can spend a day relaxing on the shore as well.

Be sure to look at the following table for information concerning beaches that can be found in and around the area.

Beaches In and Around Tulum
Name Location Coast
Half Moon Bay Beach 16.5 mi. Northeast of Central Tulum East
Hidden Beach 20.7 mi. Northeast of Central Tulum East
Playa Akumal 15.9 mi. Northeast of Central Tulum East
Playa Chacal 12.8 mi. Northeast of Central Tulum East
Playa Tulum Central Tulum East
Playa X-Puha 22.5 mi. Northeast of Central Tulum East
Tulum Mayan Ruins Beach Central Tulum North East

Keep in mind that Tulum offers other attractions. Take advantage of this page which is all about even more attractions if you want to get some more specifics.


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