Tulum Landmarks

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The top destination for Mexican ruins in the Mexican Caribbean, Tulum is a very popular destination for visitors from around the world hoping to explore these mysterious structures.  There are dozens of individual sites to see, enough to keep your days full of exploring these pre-Columbian structures.

Historical Sites

Tulum Maya Ruins

Do you enjoy discovering the historical roots of countries you visit? If that's the case, you should consider visiting some of these historical sites during your vacation. To read complete information concerning each site, you can click on the name.

Many travelers choose to visit Tulum Maya Ruins. It is located within the heart of Tulum. One of the most visited Maya sites in the Mexican Caribbean, Tulum, was once one of the most powerful Maya cities, and served as an extensive trade network. It is also one of the few walled cities the ancient Mayas built, which is why the name Tulum, which means "Wall" in Maya is so apt.

Another popular destination is Temple Of The Wind. It is a part of Tulum Maya Ruins and located in the heart of Tulum. The temple itself is in a park of an entire collection of ruins, many of which you can climb. Temple of the Winds, however, is not one of them.

House Of The Chultun: These ruins at one time served as a water mane. The rainwater would drain into an underground storage area and be used by the Maya at a later time.

Check out the following table for a listing of historical sites in Tulum.

Historic Sites In Tulum
Name Phone Location
Casa del Cenote at Tulum Mayan Ruins -- Central Tulum
House Of The Cenote -- Central Tulum
House Of The Chultun -- Central Tulum
House Of The Columns -- Central Tulum
Lookout Tower -- Central Tulum
Main Entrance To Tulum Ruins -- Central Tulum
Sian Ka'an Arch (Entrance To Biosphere) (984) 141-4245 5.8 mi. South of Central Tulum
Temple Of The Descending God -- Central Tulum
Temple Of The Initial Series (Temple Of The Stellae) -- Central Tulum
Temple Of The Pinturas -- Central Tulum
Temple Of The Sea -- Central Tulum
Temple Of The Wind -- Central Tulum
The Grand Palace -- Central Tulum
Tulum Maya Ruins (987) 882-0972 Central Tulum
Tulum Outer Wall -- Central Tulum
Xel Ha Ruins (998) 883-3143 9.7 mi. Northeast of Central Tulum

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Visitors can discover some other interesting sites to visit in Tulum.

If the nitty gritty aspects of living by the sea interest you, you might enjoy visiting Tulum Lighthouse. The Tulum Lighthouse is located just south of the Maya ruin on top of the Salta Iman cliff. While visitors are welcome to visit the lighthouse, it is usually passed over.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In Tulum
Name Type Location
Tulum Lighthouse Lighthouse Central Tulum Mexico

Fortunately, Tulum includes additional attractions. To learn about more other attractions for Tulum, visit this page.


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