Taxis in Tulum

You'll likely use a taxi at some point during your stay in Tulum

Taxis are the main source of transportation for tourists staying in Tulum. Not only are they clean with friendly drivers, but the cost is cheap and it is never hard to get in touch with a driver who knows what he's doing.

Airport Transfers

If you prefer to have a local driver get you from the airport to your hotel, you can arrange for an airport transfer. This is something that is best done in advance because regular taxis are not permitted to pick up tourists from the airport. Instead, you'll hire an airport transfer service that has been approved by the airport to meet you in baggage claim holding a sign with your name on it. In some cases, you can make arrangements through your resort, but many times you'll have to handle it yourself. The price can be anywhere from $175 to $225(USD) for four passengers.

Local Taxis

Taxis are plentiful in Tulum, and in fact, are the most used form of transportation in this town. You'll easily be able to pick them out on the streets thanks to the fact that they are white hatchbacks with either a yellow or orange stripe along the side along with a four digit number. Make note of the number because this will be what you'll need to know if you need to report lost goods, or give commentary to the taxi service about your driver.

Taxis can typically be found outside of the most popular tourist destinations including resorts, beaches, shopping centers, and restaurants, and you can also call and have a driver pick you up wherever you need a ride in town.

Do be aware that because you are in Mexico, most drivers will speak Spanish. Only one taxi service , guarantees you an English-speaking driver; however, you can easily get by with a driver who does not speak your language. Just write down the name of the location you are headed to and give it to the driver to avoid any miscommunications.

Taxi drivers here can also be used as tour guides. For about 150 pesos, which is anywhere from $10 to $12(USD) you can have your driver take you around the area and show you the sites you want to see as well as those he or she feels are important for you to see.


The rates for taxis in Tulum are predetermined by the local taxi union, and most tourists are surprised at how inexpensive they are. You can typically get to the beach from your hotel for less than $5(USD), and you won't have to watch the meter or worry about haggling for a good price. If you prefer to know what you're getting into in advance, you'll typically be able to find a listing of the current rates at the front desk of your hotel, but your driver will always have a rate card on hand as well.

Wanting to know what it costs to use a taxi? Take a look at the following info.

Typical Fares Around Tulum
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 43.00 - $ 49.00 Playa Del Carmen Tulum
$ 39.00 - $ 44.00 Playa Del Carmen Main Entrance To Tulum Ruins
$ 120.00 - $ 125.00 Tulum Costa Maya
$ 4.50 - $ 6.50 Tulum Cabanas Tulum
$ 14.50 - $ 20.00 Tulum Playa Akumal
$ 85.00 - $ 98.00 Cancun International Airport Tulum
$ 70.00 Costa Maya Cruise Terminal Tulum

If you feel your driver earned a tip, 10 pesos, or about $0.90(USD) is the going rate for gratuities at this time.

Whether you need a taxi for a quick tour, a night on the town, or for every time you go somewhere throughout the duration of your stay, you'll find the cabs in this town to be a great way to get around.


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