The Grand Palace

This building is believed to have at one time been the residence of the high priest of the Maya city. It would have been one of the most grand buildings in the entire area. Today, it is just a shadow of what it once was, as the years have taken a toll on the structure. Nonetheless, this building, for the most part, still stands and even houses some of the original decorations from over a thousand years ago.


This Palace is the center of a collection of ruins. If you look closely, you will see a thatched roof on a section of the building; this is not authentic. It was instead put in recently to protect some of the interior decorations of the ruin.

Staying Close

The Riviera Maya is a good option for those wishing to visit The Grand Palace, because visitors to this region of Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean will be excited to have convenient access to the historical site during their visit. If you want to book your stay within easy reach of this historical site, you'll find a decent selection of lodging options close-by.

Hotels near The Grand Palace
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Cabanas El Mirador Hostel 0.5 mi. (3.1 km) S
Xbalamque Tulum Eco Camp Lodge 0.5 mi. (2.9 km) NW
Mezzanine Hotel 1.3 mi. (2.9 km) SSW
Zahra Cottages -- --
Diamante K Lodge 1.5 mi. (3.0 km) SSW
Cabanas Los Arrecifes Cottages 1.6 mi. (3.0 km) SSW
L'hotelito Hotel 2.1 mi. (0.1 km) W

Location and What's Nearby

There are a handful of neighboring open air options to participate in during down time, when you and your party aren't viewing The Grand Palace. Historic site guests also hoping to play a round or two of golf will be pleased to learn of the closest golf course to the museum, Riviera Maya Golf Club. Free days can also be planned at Tulum Mayan Ruins Beach, the most close-by beach. On top of that, your party may find a couple other golf and beach options in the vicinity. Visitors will also find multiple other local attractions in this general vicinity. There are a pair of nearby attractions -House Of The Columns and Temple Of The Descending God- both of which are found within just a few miles of the historic site.


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Location: the Riviera Maya, Mexico


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