Turks and Caicos All Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos offer an entire vacation under one roof

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Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort & Spa

The Turks and Caicos may not be the most famous of the Caribbean islands, but they certainly know how to treat their visitors. The all-inclusive resorts available on this island are popular with travelers looking to get away from it all and have a great time doing it.

All-inclusive resorts don't come with a small price tag, but travelers can still end up saving a bit on their vacation budget. These resorts include meals and often activities, thus eliminating the need to spend money on these items elsewhere. In other words, you pay one price for lodging, food, drinks, and activities.

Keep in mind that each resort is different. Just because a resort says that it is all-inclusive doesn't mean that all of the activities are free. Make sure you find out what is included with your room rate to avoid disappointments and save on unwelcome additions to your final bill.

One of the reasons that all-inclusive resorts have remained so popular is that they make it so easy to relax and leave your wallet in your room. Many resorts even offer nightlife activities. Because of the all-inclusive nature of these resorts, many travelers never feel the need to leave the premises.

On the other hand, some people feel that all-inclusive resorts aren't so special. In fact, those who oppose the all-inclusive concept cite the same feature that others love: convenience. Some people think that all-inclusives are too convenient and do not encourage travelers to go out and truly experience the island culture. In fact, in can take extra effort on the traveler's part to explore beyond the resort's walls.

The Options

Some visitors like the comfort of an all-inclusive price. There are several explanations why these plans are popular. Among other reasons, they let you dodge the need to go over your vacation plans with a fine-toothed comb. Click on the names of each of them for the most details and information, including amenities, activities, food and more.

Avid tennis players often like the idea of staying at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort & Spa, as they offer some nice tennis facilities. Whether you are traveling solo, with your significant other, or are vacationing with the entire family, the Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort has an accommodation option specifically designed to suit your unique getaway experience. There are over a dozen different lodging options, which range from romantic Governor's Honeymoon Suites that come complete with a Roman bathtub to spacious Venetian Family Suite that can sleep up to 12 guests. They are situated on Lower Bight Road.

A destination located on the coast that travelers often enjoy is Club Med Turkoise. Guests have the option of choosing between a simple, but comfortable, Club Room on the first or second floor, or a Deluxe Room which features upscale amenities and is ideal for couples. If you are looking to call in advance, you can do so at (800) 453-2582.

Visitors who are in search of good on-location dining may want to check out Bohio Dive Resort. Deep within the midst of the picture-perfect tropical paradise of Grand Turk, the Bohio Dive Resort awaits travelers looking for a hospitable retreat. Combining the old-world charm of the Caribbean lifestyle with modern amenities and luxury, the Bohio Dive Resort boasts comfortable accommodations and unbeatable service. If you are looking for something specific and want to call ahead, you can do so at (649) 946-2135.

The following chart provides you with some details regarding the 4 all-inclusives available.

All-Inclusive Accommodations In Turks and Caicos
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort & Spa Resort (649) 946-8000


1.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grace Bay Providenciales
Bohio Dive Resort Hotel (649) 946-2135


1.7 mi. North of Central Cockburn Town Grand Turk
Club Med Turkoise Resort (800) 453-2582


0.7 mi. Northeast of Central Grace Bay Providenciales
The Meridian Club Hotel (781) 821-1012


1.7 mi. Northeast of Central Pine Cay Pine Cay

Amenities and activities vary from place to place, so make sure to find out details before making a final choice.


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