When is the Best Time to Visit the Turks and Caicos?

Pick the ideal season to visit Turks and Caicos based on weather patterns and crowds

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When to Visit the Turks and Caicos

Unlike many other Caribbean islands, Turks and Caicos has very pleasant weather outside of its peak tourist season. This means you needn't worry about planning a vaction no matter what type of year works before for you. Still, there are some issues regarding weather, events, and the state of the island that may sway you to visit during a specific season.


Sources differ on the exact months that make up the summer in Turks and Caicos; however, it is certain that between the months of June and November, concentrated especially between August and October, the Turks and Caicos face their highest temperatures, which can range from the mid-80s to 100 degrees Fahrenheit if there is a break in the usually consistent trade winds blowing across the islands. Otherwise, trade winds keep the heat from feeling quite as strong. In summer, temperatures usually stay in the 90 degree range and can be unpleasant. Temperatures are much lower throughout the rest of the year and range from the mid-80s to the mid-70s in degrees Fahrenheit.

The Turks and Caicos Beaches

...consistent trade wind blowing...

Every year beginning in June and ending in November, Turks and Caicos experiences hurricane season. Though hurricanes don't hit often within the Caribbean, many travelers avoid visiting the islands during this season but travel during this time should not be ruled out entirely and visitors should feel assured by advanced hurricane warning systems. If for any reason your travel is scheduled just before, during, or after a hit by a hurricane, most companies are willing to refund money for any vacation canceled due to these powerful storms, and traveler's insurance comes in handy when they don't. Those traveling after a hurricane should call ahead to make sure the hotel has not been damaged and to check the status of clean up efforts.

High Season in Turks and Caicos

December to April is the region's high season, which has more to do with holiday times and lower temperatures everywhere else in the world than it does the weather patterns on the islands. The high season often sees inflated prices for travelers throughout the Caribbean, as businesses take advantage of high demand, and prepare for the low season when they won't be making as much money.

Vacationers heading to Turks and Caicos during the high season should be prepared to fight the crowds on the beaches, but in all other instances planning ahead can be helpful. Booking your transportation and accommodations at least three months in advance will be helpful, and restaurant reservations should be booked as early as the restaurant will allow it. If you plan to book island tours or visit locales where you can buy tickets in advance, the earlier you do so, the better.

Low Season in Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Accommodations

As northern climates begin to see warmer weather, and Turks and Caicos moves into its rainy season, the volume of tourism that the islands experiences begins to dwindle. This sounds like the perfect time for people who want to avoid crowds to make their plans. Crowds are fewer, and prices for flights, accommodations, and even restaurants are often cut drastically.

There are some down sides to traveling during the low season. For example, although the weather is still beautiful during this time of year, it is not as pleasant as it is during the winter months, and an umbrella is a must have item as you tour the islands. Many shops and restaurants have shorter hours of operation due to lack of business, which can make it difficult to find things to do later in the afternoon. Also, a lot of hotels use this time of year to perform maintenance on their properties, which means you may end up lodging at a location with construction going on.

Events and Festivals

The Turks and Caicos Events and Festivals

Many people make their plans specifically to attend an event or festival. Some of the most popular events on the islands include Salt Cay Splashdown Days in April, numerous South Cay regattas in May, and the Turks and Caicos Music and Cultural Festival in July.

Weather, crowds, cost, and events are the major deal makers and breakers for most travelers. Take the time to consider each of these as you plan your vacation in Turks and Caicos.


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