How Much Will it Cost to Vacation in the Turks and Caicos?

Planning ahead for the expenses of Turks and Caicos can help travelers keep an eye on their vacation budget

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A vacation to the Turks and Caicos is not cheap, but researching costs and understanding a season's rates will help you avoid spending needlessly.

The first thing to consider is whether you will arrive by air or sea. Airfare can be expensive, but booking round-trip flights and allowing your stay to stretch past a weekend can save a little on the fare. Cruises provide accommodation and meals for much of your journey, but they may not cover everything. If sailing yourself to the islands, the cost of your charter may have to include preparing and stocking the boat yourself.

Once your arrival is sorted, consider how you'll budget for accommodations. Depending on your preferred level of luxury, approximate room prices range from $75(USD) to more than $400(USD) per night. Expect to pay between $100(USD) and $200(USD) for a clean, comfortable room, and more than that for upscale living. Always ask the hotel if the rates they quote you include all taxes and fees. This can help avoid unwelcome surprises at the end of your stay.

Food and dining will comprise a generous portion of your budget but promises to be the most controllable expense. Low-priced meals begin around $5(USD), but you most likely will spend closer to $10(USD). For a more elegant dinner out, a meal can cost $20(USD) or more per plate. Don't forget to include tips, beverage, and snack purchases into your budget.

Transportation costs may seem set in stone but can end up taking you by surprise. Taxis are metered, but you should always remember to settle the price before getting into the vehicle. Taxi prices should run at approximately $2(USD) per person per mile. For transportation plus a workout, a bicycle can be rented for as low as approximately $16(USD) per day and $91(USD) per week. Scooters can cost more than double - beginning at just more than $30(USD) per day to $200(USD) by week. Renting a motorcycle will be even more expensive, setting riders back as much as some cars, $70(USD) per day or $450(USD) per week. Cars and trucks range from $50(USD) to $80(USD) per day, with discounted weekly rates ranging from $300(USD) to $475(USD). Bus options are also available on Providenciales, and may set you back $11(USD) per day, though prices are reduced for a single ride or weeklong pass.

Taxes, tips, and other charges can also add up. Hotel taxes are 10 percent, and a 10 percent to 15 percent service charge may also be assessed. A bill for a meal will include a 10 percent tax but usually will not include a tip, which is approximately 15 percent or more for excellent service. Fifteen percent is also the standard for taxis, porters, and maids. Rental vehicles have a flat tax of $15(USD) levied on each rental.

Another consideration is how much island hopping you may want to do. Ferries can be inexpensive but may not be running while you are in the islands. Air services can be chartered or otherwise booked but tend to cost a bit more.

Shopping is another expense travelers will have to keep in mind. Some find it best to set a spending limit on souvenirs and other items.

Unless you plan to spend each day lounging on the beach, you may be enticed to spend a little money on a museum or cultural event. Those who would like to snorkel will need to keep space in their budget.

In general, vacationers can spend more than $300(USD) per day to live comfortably in the Turks and Caicos Islands. However, those looking to stick with the bare minimum of island hopping and lower end hotel rooms can realistically achieve a budget of $150(USD) to $200(USD) per day.

So, before you reach the sparkling waters and sandy beaches of the Turks and Caicos, look into how much money you'll be setting aside for the journey. Planning ahead is the key to a pleasant trip.


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