Dellis Cay

Located in a string of uninhabited islands between Providenciales and North Caicos, Dellis Cay is a 560 acre island known for its beach combing opportunities which typically yield magnificent sand dollars. But the island won't be uninhabited for long. Dellis Cay is currently being developed into a high end resort property, with the possibility of a small residential area as well.

Located on the western coast of the island of Dellis Cay, near Parrot Cay, this beach is nicely positioned on the coast. You should think about stopping by regardless of whether you are staying in the vicinity. Dellis Cay is a distinguishable relaxation spot because it's one of the best spots for getting away from vacation stresses, like overly crowded restaurants and attractions. Most other beaches you'll come across in Turks and Caicos may be just as refreshing as Dellis Cay, but tend to be busier because they're lined with some of the most famous hotels and restaurants.

How to Access The Beach
Just a few miles off the coast of Providenciales, Dellis Cay is accessible only by boat. The trip takes 20 minutes.

Amenities and Ambiance

While the interior of the island is lush and green, the coast line is comprised of porcelain white sand that give way to crystalline waters. The waters off the coast of Dellis Cay are shallow and calm, making them perfect for snorkeling, while the beaches themselves are typically so deserted that visitors often feel as though they are entirely alone on the island.

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline. The water in the area is clear and good for snorkeling, so grab some equipment if you're hoping to see what lies beneath the surface.

Dellis Cay brings visitors an angelic and tranquil escape, especially since the region surrounding the beach is free of city-life and traffic.

What's Nearby


Found on the West coast of Dellis Cay; the area hosts attractions such as Wades Green Plantation, which is four and a half miles to the east of this spot.

To some, beaches and museums may seem an odd combination, but a quite a few vacationers find that museums like Turks & Caicos National Museum (situated ten and a half miles away) offer an entertaining diversion and a whole new way to view Turks and Caicos' traditions and culture.

There are options for close-by activities so you won't run out of things to do. The attractions closest to this beach are listed in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Dellis Cay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Wades Green Plantation Historical Site 4.7 E North Caicos
Provo Golf & Country Club Golf Course 8.7 SW Providenciales
Casablanca Casino Gambling Site 9.2 SW Providenciales
Paradise Arts Art Gallery 9.8 SW Providenciales
Caicos Heritage House Historical Site 10.2 SW Providenciales

Cities and Towns

Dellis Cay is near Grace Bay, so a trip into the city——for snacks, drinks, and other attractions——is a convenient option. The closest town is Grace Bay, which is in an area with interesting things to do and see, but isn't as sprawling and crowded as some other areas.


The popularity of this spot on any given day can vary, it depends on several things: the season, the weather, even how many hotel rooms have been booked nearby. The area is not home to many major hotels, but it can attract visitors staying at smaller lodgings in the area.

Because the beach is in a relatively popular vacation area, it usually isn't that tough to find just the right type of hotel nearby. For guests wanting to find a place that's on or near the water, the table below shows the accommodations closest to Dellis Cay.

Accommodations near Dellis Cay
Hotel Distance Direction Island Type
The Meridian Club 2.3 SW Pine Cay Hotel
Parrot Cay Resort & Shambhala Retreat 2.8 NE Parrot Cay Resort
Beach House 4.0 SW Pine Cay Hotel


Though there aren't many widely-known restaurants nearby, you can still satisfy your hunger, particularly if you're prepared to venture a little farther away. One of the nearest restaurants is Meridian Club Restaurant, which is two and a half miles away.

The following table provides a list of dining options near this beach.

Restaurants near Dellis Cay
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Distance Direction Island
Meridian Club Restaurant (649) 946-7758 Caribbean, International 2.3 mi. SW Pine Cay
COMO Shambhala Cuisine (649) 946-7788 Eclectic 2.8 mi. NE Parrot Cay
Lotus (649) 946-7788 Asian, French, Fusion 2.8 mi. NE Parrot Cay
Parrot Cay’s Terrace Restaurant (649) 946-7788 Italian, Mediterranean 2.8 mi. NE Parrot Cay

Other Beaches

There are other beaches on Dellis Cay you might like besides Dellis Cay.

Travelers who like this beach might also enjoy The Bight Beach, located 12 miles away. However, if that's not exactly what you're looking for, Parrot Cay could provide a little more opportunity for excitement, and is closer to other popular destinations. It's found one and a quarter miles to the northeast.

Another sun-drenched spot to consider is Sandy Point Beach, located three miles away.

Turks and Caicos offers endless ways to discover its natural beauty, so visiting Dellis Cay is just one way you can enjoy a sunny afternoon.


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