East Cay

East Cay Island is a tiny island located in the Turks and Caicos island chain, not far from Cotton Cay and Salt Cay. It is one of the many uninhabited islands in the chain that is used primarily for day trips to secluded beaches.

Situated on the northwestern side of the island of East Cay, 4.0 miles east of Cotton Cay, this beach is nicely positioned on the coast. You might think about stopping by whether or not you're staying particularly close by. Vacationers who seek a stunning shoreline in a secluded part of town should consider visiting East Cay.

How to Access The Beach
East Cay can only be reached by boat.

Amenities and Ambiance

East Cay is encircled by powdery white sand with deep blue waters that are not known to be very fierce. Some sections of the coastline are more rugged than others, but for the most part, visitors will find the entire island to be an idyllic vacation spot.

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline, so if you're visiting with small children you might want to consider a different location. You will find the water here is clear and good for snorkeling, so bring along some equipment if you want to check out what lies beneath the surface.

If you find that you desire coasts that bring visitors an idyllic environment, then you should enjoy East Cay; it is found within a less urban sector of the region.

What's Nearby


Set on the North West coast of East Cay; the area is home to other attractions such as Salt Cay Salt Works, which is one of the closest attractions to visit.

Historical attractions like Brown House provide the perfect compliment to an afternoon at East Cay, and give visitors the opportunity to learn more about Turks and Caicos' past, without having to leave the coast. Actually, this site can be found eight miles from this destination of historical interest.

The beach is one type of attraction you can visit, but there will be more options available in Turks and Caicos. The table below lists other attractions that are nearby.

Activities and Attractions Near East Cay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Salt Cay Salt Works Salt, Spice, Seasoning and Dressing Manufacturing 8.0 W Salt Cay
Brown House Historical Site 8.1 W Salt Cay
The Salt House Museum 8.1 NNW Grand Turk
White House Historical Site 8.3 W Salt Cay
H.M. Prison Museum Museum 8.5 NNW Grand Turk

Cities and Towns

East Cay visitors looking for other interesting places to see might consider making the trip to Cockburn Town, since it's not far away and is an especially active area of Turks and Caicos. From the shore, Cockburn Town is a little ways off, maybe eight miles (12 and a half kilometers) away.


The number of other people sharing spots in the sand can vary widely, depending on when you visit, and how packed the nearby hotels are. There aren't many large hotels nearby, but it can attract visitors staying at some of the area's smaller options.

You'll find a good amount of places to stay which can be reached in the car. A few of the more convenient choices can be viewed in the following table.

Accommodations near East Cay
Hotel Distance Direction Island Type
White Sands Beach Resort 6.1 NW Grand Turk Hotel
Castaway Salt Cay 8.0 W Salt Cay Cottages
Osprey Beach Hotel 8.0 NNW Grand Turk Resort


There aren't any restaurants in the immediate surroundings of this shore, so it would be a good idea to pack a lunch if you want to fully enjoy your day in the sun.

Other Beaches

Travelers searching for the perfect beach on East Cay will have lots of options besides East Cay.

Vacationers may also want to visit Governor's Beach, which is located six and a half miles to the northwest. Governor's Beach on Grand Turk is a gorgeous beach with soft, white sands and calm waters. The relative seclusion found here is great for taking a long stroll down the coast, while snorkeling is also a favorite activity.

While the area offers plenty of picturesque views and exciting attractions, taking a swim at East Cay is certainly a fun way to enjoy the area's natural attractions.


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