Embassies and Consulates in the Turks and Caicos

In Turks and Caicos, embassies and consulates are places to go for international assistance


Consulates and embassies provide a friendly face abroad and can assist you with lost or stolen passports, emergencies, or just general information.

Local consular offices also provide a list of local doctors, dentists, and medical specialists. Reaching an embassy or consulate for the Turks and Caicos can be difficult because they are located on other islands of the British West Indies but, once contacted, consulates and embassies are valuable travel resources.

If you are involved in an emergency, go to the nearest embassy or consular office for your native country and register as a citizen in the region. If you are injured or become seriously ill, a consulate will help you find medical assistance and, at your request, inform your family or friends. It is unlikely you'll receive government financial assistance for an emergency trip back home, but pre-purchased travel insurance will cover such expenses. Travel insurance is a wise provision for an unforeseen cancellation or incidental medical expenses. Purchase travel insurance directly or through your travel agent rather than a tour operator.

Local Embassies and Consulates for the Turks and Caicos include:

Embassy Location
Mailing Address
Contact Information
Consular Section, U.S. Embassy Queen Street
Nassau, The Bahamas
U.S. Embassy
P.O. Box N-8197
Nassau, Bahamas
242-328-2206 (after hours)
242-356-7174 (Fax)
E-Mail: embnas@state.gov
Canadian High Commission 3 West Kings House Road
Waterloo Road Entrance
Kingston, Jamaica
P.O. Box 1500
Kingston 10
876-511-3493 (Fax)
E-mail: kngtn@dfait-maeci.gc.ca
Australian High Commission 18 Herbert Street
St. Clair
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago
P.O. Box 4640
St. James
Port of Spain
868-622-0659 (Fax)

People from other countries seeking assistance can turn to a British Embassy or Consulate in many countries, including the following:

Location/Official Title Address Contact Information
British Embassy, United States
- Washington D.C.
3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20008
202-588-6500 (embassy)
202-588-7800 (consulate)
202-588-7830 (British Council)

202-588-7870 (chancery)
202-588-7866 (managements)
202-588-7901 (trade)
202-588-7850 (consulate)
British Consulate, U.S.
- Dallas, TX
2911 Turtle Creek Blvd.
Suite 940
Dallas, TX 75219
214-521-4807 (Fax)
E-mail: bc1@airmail.net
British Consulate, U.S.
- Miami, FL
Brickell Bay Office Tower
Suite 2800
1001 Brickell Bay Drive
Miami, Florida 33131
305-374-8196 (Fax)
British Consulate, U.S.
- Denver, CO
World Trade Centre Tower, Suite 1030
1675 Broadway
Denver, CO 80202
303-592-5209 (Fax)
E-mail: John.Maguire@britcondenver.com
British Consulate, U.S.
- Seattle, WA
900 Fourth Ave, Suite 3100
Seattle, WA 98164
206-622-4728 (Fax)
British Consulate, U.S. Territory
- Puerto Rico
Torre Chardon, Suite 1236
350 Chardon Avenue
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918
787-758-9809 (Fax)
E-mail: btopr1@coqui.net
British Consulate-General, U.S.
- Boston, MA
One Memorial Drive, 15th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
617-621-0220 (Fax)
E-mail: british.consulate@boston.mail.fco.gov.uk
British Consulate-General, U.S.
- Houston, TX
Wells Fargo Plaza
1000 Louisiana Suite 1900
Houston, Texas 770
713-659-7094 (Fax)
E-mail: bcg.houston@fco.gov.uk
British Consulate-General, U.S.
- New York, NY
845 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
212-745-0200 (main switchboard)
212-745-0495 (British Trade office)
212-745-0200 (consular and visa)
212-745-0277 (British information services)

212-754-3062 (consular and visa)
212-745-0456 (British Trade office)
212-745-0359 (British information services)
British Consulate-General, U.S.
- Atlanta, GA
Georgia Pacific Center
Suite 3400
133 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30303
404-954-7702 (Fax)
British Consulate-General, U.S.
- Chicago, IL
The Wrigley Building
400 N Michigan Avenue
Suite 1380
Chicago, IL 60611
312-970-3852 (Fax)
312-970-3854 (consular/visa fax only)
British Consulate-General, U.S.
- Los Angeles, CA
11766 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1200
Los Angeles, California 90025-653
310-481-2900 (visas only)
310-481-2960 (Fax)
310-481-2961 (visa fax only)
Consular/Visa: visas.losangeles@fco.gov.uk
British Consulate-General, U.S.
- San Francisco, CA
1 Sansome Street, Suite 850
San Francisco, CA 94104
415-434-2018 (Fax)
British High Commission, Australia
- Canberra
Commonwealth Avenue
2-6273-3236 (Fax)
2-6273-4360 (economic fax)
E-mail: bhc.canberra@mail.uk.emb.gov.au
British Consulate, Australia
- Adelaide
Level 22
25 Grenfell Street
8-8212-7282 (Fax)
E-mail: bc.adelaide@mail.uk.emb.gov.au
British Consulate-General and Directorate of Trade & Investment Promotion, Australia
- Sydney
Level 16
The Gateway
1 Macquarie Place
Sydney NSW, 2000
2-9233-1826 (commercial fax)
2-9251-6201 (consular, management fax)
British Consulate-General, Australia
- Melbourne
17th Floor
90 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria
3-9652-1670 (commercial)
3-9652-1600 (consular section)
3-9650-2990 (Fax)
E-mail: bcgmelb1@mail.uk.emb.gov.au
British Consulate-General, Australia
- Brisbane
Level 26
Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street
Brisbane, Queensland
7-3236-2576 (Fax)
E-mail: bcgbris2@mail.uk.emb.gov.au
British Consulate-General, Australia
- Perth
Level 26
Allendale Square
77 St George's Terrace
Perth, Western Australia
8-9224-4720 (Fax)
E-mail: bcgperth@mail.uk.emb.gov.au
British High Commission, Canada
- Ottawa
80 Elgin Street
Ottawa K1P 5K7
613-232-0738 (management)
613-232-2533 (visa)
613-237-5211 (economic)
613-237-6537 (passport)
613-567-8045 (political)
E-mail: generalenquiries@BritaininCanada.org
British Consulate-General, Canada
- Montreal
2000 McGill College Avenue 
Suite 1940
Montreal, Quebec H3A 3H3
514-866-0202 (Fax)
E-mail: rsvp.montreal@fco.gov.uk 
British Consulate-General, Canada
- Toronto
British Trade & Investment Office
777 Bay Street, Suite 2800
College Park
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2G2
416-593-1229 (Fax)
E-mail: Britcon.Toronto@fco.gov.uk
British Consulate-General, Canada
- Vancouver
1111 Melville Street, Suite 800
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3V6
604-681-0693 (Fax)
E-mail: BritishConsulate.Vancouver@fco.gov.uk

These are not the only consulate offices in Australia, Canada, and the United States, but they are the main offices in these areas. For more information on other consulates around the world, check with the United Kingdom's Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

When visiting the Turks and Caicos, remember that all embassies and consulates are run through their association with the United Kingdom, and you will need to check for your nearest embassy or consulate with that in mind.


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