Travel Fundamentals for the Turks and Caicos

Cover your bases by learning the basics before visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands

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Although there are 40 different islands among the Turks and Caicos chain, only eight are inhabited.

Each island has its own distinctive style. Read on to see which destination is best for your ideal vacation.

Island Description
Providenciales Also known as "Provo," this island is visited most by tourists. With many resort hotels and the international airport receiving direct flights from various countries throughout the region, there is always buzz on Provo. It is ringed by pristine white beaches, and is home to historic villages as well as world-class shopping.
Grand Turk This island is home to the capital of the islands, and despite its relatively small size, also hosts the second largest population among the Turks and Caicos. Grand Turk has some historical sites to visit, but the main attraction here is the incredible diving.
North Caicos This island is more of a nature preserve than a tourist destination. Here travelers can see a wide range of nature due to the island's high rainfall. Birdwatchers especially can be impressed by the flocks of flamingos, as well as nearby islets with many birds.
Middle Caicos The largest of the islands, Middle Caicos is known for its rich agriculture, but it also has great tourist attractions, including an extensive cave system as well as old plantation houses.
East Caicos No longer settled, this island is home to ancient petroglyphs and an abandoned town as well as beautiful beaches.
South Caicos Despite its small size this is one of the most popular islands of the chain. Fishermen and those who love good seafood are regulars here. However, birders, history buffs, and divers find plenty to do here.
Salt Cay This tiny cay was the home to the Islands' salt industry, and when mining ended, it was as though life stayed in freeze-frame. Visitors come to explore this area and catch a glimpse of what life was once like on this island.
Parrot Cay/Pine Cay These two are private islands owned by resort companies.

The information above is by no means exhaustive, but it is a good starting point to get you thinking about what to see and do on each island before you go to the Turks and Caicos. With so much variety, this is truly an all-in-one paradise destination.


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