The Turks and Caicos Villa Complexes

Travelers will find many options when it comes to Turks and Caicos rental properties

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Travelers looking for the independence of a home-away-from-home can find it in rental villas and condominiums. Although not the most widespread type of accommodation, rental properties can be an excellent choice.

Accommodations Map

Those who enjoy the experience of a rental property generally have a few prerequisites. Rental properties can be especially cost effective for longer stays or large groups. On the other hand, a couple may rent a villa for its added privacy.

Another added value of rental properties: Travelers have their own kitchens. This feature is great for budget-conscious travelers. Having your own cooking facilities also eliminates some worries about restaurants' hours of operation. Instead, travelers can live - and eat - entirely on their own schedules.

Many rental properties also provide maid services, though these may not be provided daily. While a resort hotel can provide all kinds of nearby and on-site amenities such as swimming pools, these goodies are unlikely in a villa or condo. However, many villas are located on the beach.

Condos and Villa Complexes In the Turks and Caicos

Villa Del Mar

There are non-standard hotel accommodations available, including a pair of condominiums and several villa complexes. Avid beach-goers will usually have easy access to the beach, as many lodgings are right on the water. Click on their names to read additional details.

Caicos Beach Condominiums is one property of this type northwestern the Turks and Caicos. Get away from it all when you choose the Caiscos Beach Condominiums. Located on a gentle stretch of sand that gives guests the feeling that they are the only people on earth to have ever made it to this section of the island. Enjoy privacy and seclusion at Ocean Beach Hotel. The property can be found on Drake Court.

A good option for visitors hoping to book accommodations in the Turks and Caicos is Harbour Club. Six cozy villas nestled onto two different beach fronts right next to each other make up the accommodations at Harbour Club, where guests are treated to a true island getaway from the moment they walk in the door. One of the nice things about this small property is that the owners live on site and are always available to help guests with anything they need. To contact them, call (888) 240-0447.

Reef Residences is another property to consider. Just a short stroll from Grace Bay Beach is Reef Residences. The property is comprised of 24 two-level Bermuda-style condos, creating the perfect location for vacationers looking to get away from it all. You will be able to find them on Stubbs Road.

More details concerning the several condo and villa complex options are summarized here:

Condos and Villa Complexes In the Turks and Caicos
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Blue Horizon Resort Villa complex (649) 946-6141


1.1 mi. West of Central Conch Bar Middle Caicos
Bottle Creek Lodge Villa complex (649) 946-7080


1.4 mi. East of Central Maria Mai North Caicos
Caicos Beach Condominiums Villa complex (649) 946-7113


1.0 mi. West of Central Whitby North Caicos
Cedar Palm Suites Apartment building (203) 681-9379


2.4 mi. Northwest of Central Boton North Caicos
Harbour Club Villa complex (888) 240-0447


3.9 mi. South West of Central Grace Bay Providenciales
Hollywood Beach Suites Villa complex (649) 231-1020


0.1 mi. Northwest of Central Whitby North Caicos
Pirates Hideaway and Blackbeard's Quarters Villa complex (649) 946-6909


0.3 mi. South of Central Balfour Town Salt Cay
Reef Residences Apartment building (649) 941-3713


The Bight, Western part of the Turks and Caicos Providenciales
St. Charles Condominiums Villa complex (649) 946-4379


0.3 mi. West of Central Whitby North Caicos
The Mansions Villa complex --


0.5 mi. West of Central Grace Bay Providenciales
The Vistas of Salt Cay Villa complex --


0.1 mi. South of Central Balfour Town Salt Cay
Villa Del Mar Villa complex (649) 941-5160


0.2 mi. East of Central Grace Bay Providenciales
Villas of Salt Cay Villa complex (649) 241-1009


0.3 mi. North of Central Balfour Town Salt Cay

Needless to say, the Turks and Caicos includes a full range of other property types. Click here to view our article about other kinds of accommodations for the Turks and Caicos.

Travelers looking for a place to call their own during their vacation will find just that in the rental properties of the Turks and Caicos Islands.


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