Renting a Bike or Scooter in the USVI

Riding a bike through the Virgin Islands lets visitors relax and enjoy the view

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If hills don't bother you, the U.S. Virgin Islands can be the perfect place to slip off the beaten path for a more personal adventure travelers will never forget. Bicycles and motor scooters provide a great opportunity to explore while soaking up the sun and scenery for which the islands are known. Every island is a unique experience, so travelers should not assume that all islands are equally suitable for biking.

Vacationers who would like to rent a bike should always check first with their concierge. Many of the hotels in the area conveniently have bikes available for guests to rent. If yours does not, the hotel staff should be able to recommend a nearby rental car agency (many have bicycles and mopeds) or even a local tour guide that may carry them.

The Locations

St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is a great place for biking. The island's rain forests and beaches are excellent for guided tours or independent exploration. Expect to spend approximately $35(USD) per day for bicycle rental rates. Travelers should bear in mind, however, that more affordable weekly rates may be available. To rent bikes or mopeds on St. Croix, contact at (340) 719-1990.

St. John is a small island, 7 miles long by 3 miles wide, but every last inch of it is packed with beautiful views. Visitors who rent bikes and motor scooters are able to roam across the tiny island and make the most of every sightseeing opportunity. Hotels are the major supplier of rented bicycles and mopeds. Rates tend to fluctuate,but daily costs generally hover around $30(USD) for bikes and $45(USD) for mopeds. Because of the many hills, if you want to really explore the island, you'll probably need to rent a scooter -- unless you are unusually fit.

St. Thomas, home to the capital city of Charlotte Amalie, is a very busy island and is therefore not as bike- or scooter-friendly as other Virgin Island destinations. The urban areas are often clogged with heavy traffic that makes it very difficult for foreigners to navigate. On the less-traveled country roads, poor visibility and narrow roads without shoulders for stopping make biking dangerous. However, there are a few places where bike riding is feasible, particularly along the harbor. Guided tours are also available, which can provide a safer alternative to riding independently. One company, St. Thomas Adventure Tours & Excursions offers full day trips around the city and to the beach, among other tour options. Most of these tours run between $25 and $50(USD) per person and include a bike and all the appropriate safety gear. Reach the company at (340) 201-6069 to find out more.

Just off the coast of St. Thomas is Water Island, which can be reached by ferries from the dock in St. Tomas. The island is the smallest in the chain at just under 500 acres, and the hills aren't as extreme as on St. John and St. Thomas, so bikers can enjoy a day touring the island on two wheels without much too much extra exertion. Signing on for a bike tour with Water Island Adventures is a popular way to explore Water Island (phone: (340)714-2186 or (340)690-4019).

The Options

If you like the idea of exploring the area in the open air there are multiple different rental agencies that can help you.

If you want to go riding, you should consider Water Island Adventures. Water Island Adventures offers a lot more than just another bike ride; they provide an exhilarating and informative tour of St. Thomas Harbor. They are located on Water Island, in northern the USVI.

A second option is Rachael's Rentals on Water Island. In need of an easy and fun way to get around Water Island? Rent a golf cart from Rachael's Rentals! You can reach them at (340) 514-1483.

Still another option is Freedom City Cycles. Located one half of a mile away from the Frederiksted Pier, Freedom City Cycles is known as the best place on the island of St. Croix to rent a bicycle and learn about the sport from locals who love riding on a daily basis. situated in Frederiksted, in southern the USVI. They're

View the following chart to learn more.

Bike and Moped Rental In the USVI
Name Phone Location Island
Beach Scooters (340) 693-7368 Cruz Bay, Northern part of the USVI St. John
Biz Scooter Rentals (340) 774-5840 Charlotte Amalie, Northern part of the USVI St. Thomas
Freedom City Cycles (340) 277-2433 Frederiksted, Southern part of the USVI St. Croix
Kelly's Karts (340) 643-5124 2.7 mi. South West of Central St. Thomas Water Island
Rachael's Rentals on Water Island (340) 514-1483 2.7 mi. South West of Central St. Thomas Water Island
St. John In-Motion (340) 998-2932 Downtown Cruz Bay St. John
St. Thomas Adventure Tours & Excursions (340) 201-6069 St. Thomas St. Thomas
VI Adventure St. Thomas (340) 344-2632 Charlotte Amalie, Northern part of the USVI St. Thomas
Water Island Adventures -- 1.9 mi. South West of Central Charlotte Amalie Water Island

The U.S. Virgin Islands are beautiful, and the freedom allowed by bikes and mopeds enables many vacationers to explore the area in a relaxing, environmentally friendly way. Travelers who ride with caution and courtesy will find that the best view of any island is from atop a bicycle seat.


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